Grandmother Rants About Millennial Parents Who Treat Grandparents as Babysitters | 22 Words

A grandmother has slammed millennial parents who treat grandparents as babysitters after her daughter asked her to babysit, once again.

The video has solicited a huge reaction from fellow parents...

Becoming a grandparent is a blessing.

A new little family member to love and cherish.

But, sometimes it can come with a lot of expectation...


Such as, babysitting.

For some grandparents, it is sometimes presumed that you'll be happy to babysit, pretty much whenever.

But, they do have their own lives.

And while they might love spending time with the youngest member of the family.


They shouldn't feel obliged to babysit.

At least that's what one woman believes...


As she blasted "the new generation" of parents who treat grandparents as babysitters.

And it's caused many people to share their own experience...


Quayla Ann recently shared a video of her mom's reaction when she asked her to babysit again.


"Let me tell you, the new generation, y'all millennial, you got it all [expletive] up [sic]. Because I became a grandparent does not automatically make me the babysitter or a daycare," her mom shouted.

"Grandparents — true grandparents — they're supposed to raise their children right to where y'all start having kids, you can... provide for your own children and secure their daycare so you can go to work, so you can go out, so you can do anything else," she went on.


"True grandparents are supposed to be able to call their grandkids. Y'all supposed to come over and visit."

"No it ain't supposed to be dropping them off when you want to ... No! ... It don't go like that. You know why? Because we already had our life with raising kids."


"We aren't supposed to be tied down raising [expletive] kids. We're supposed to be gardening, going to the senior citizen's place, bingo ... That's what we raise you all for, to be able to take care of your kids."

Watch the video below.

Do you agree with her?

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