Grandmother With Dementia Sues Police After She Was Tackled | 22 Words

Police brutality has long been an issue in the USA. Now, yet another horrifying incident has hit headlines...

It seems there's no end to the horrible cop stories this week.


Here's the full story...

Now, police brutality has long been an issue here in the states.


For too long now, our law enforcement has been riddled with unnecessary force and violence, particularly among minority communities.

Our police officers are supposed to be protecting us...


But, sadly, there are a select few who choose to abuse their power and privilege, rather than use it for the better.

The Black Lives Matter protests that happened across the country last year provided perfect evidence of this.


There were some officers who, instead of looking out for and supervising the protestor's safety, responded with needless violence.

It doesn't help that countless lives have been lost at the hands of police brutality, too.


George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are just 2 of the lives needlessly lost at the hands of violent police officers.

And, when a teenage boy was fatally shot by a police officer in Chicago last month...


Sadly, many people weren't too shocked.

Prosecutors claimed that thirteen-year-old Adam was holding a gun when he ran down the alley as an officer called for him to stop and drop the weapon...


And when he refused, the officer was left with no choice but to shoot.

Police initially said the person "was pronounced deceased on the scene," but didn't specify the age of the person the officer had shot.


The police department later tweeted a photo of a gun allegedly recovered at the scene.

However, bodycam footage from the incident contradicts everything the police department had initially claimed.


In the moments before the shooting, Adam could be seen holding what appears to be a gun behind his back, which he dropped behind a wooden fence just before raising his hands.

However, despite putting his hands in the air with no weapon in sight, Adam was shot.


The footage shows him collapsing to the ground as the officer ran over, called for an ambulance, and began CPR with the help of another officer. "Stay with me," he could be heard saying to Adam more than once.

Sadly, Adam could not be saved and died at the scene.

Following this horrifying story, another has surfaced.


And the internet is disappointed but not surprised.

Karen Garner, a grandmother with dementia from Colorado, was forcefully tackled by Loveland Police Officer Austin Hopp in Colorado.


She has dementia and sensory aphasia; an inability to understand spoken and written speech, and had wandered away from her family in Walmart, taking a Pepsi, a t-shirt, and some wipes with her.

The cop believed she had taken the items on purpose and after following her tackled her to the ground.


She was left with dislocated shoulder, a fractured humerus bone, and a sprained wrist.

Her attorney, Sarah Schielke, told VICE:

"If somebody's dumb enough, in their mind, to not capitulate, they're going to pay for it. Even if you're an elderly disabled lady."

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