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Breaking Bad is known to be one of the greatest TV shows of the 21st Century - but today marks one very special anniversary.

There's no denying it...

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Breaking Bad is one of TV's GOATs.

Everyone is obsessed with this series.

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And once you've watched it, it's not hard to see why.

We were treated to a whole 5 seasons of the show.


Initially gracing our screens back in 2008, the show ran for an entire 5 seasons and had the world obsessed all the way until its finale in 2013.

The series followed the story of a struggling chemistry teacher.

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The show was created by Vince Gilligan.

And in it, we watched Walter White, an underachieving high-school chemistry teacher.

His life is flipped upside down when he is diagnosed with stage-3 lung cancer.

He turns to a life of crime in order to support his family.


White is conscious of the looming medical costs and not wanting to leave his pregnant wife and disabled son bankrupt.

So, naturally, he teams up with his former student, tearaway Jesse Pinkman.

Together, the two use his chemistry skills to start "cooking" crystalized M**hamphetamine.

But, as the pair's status in the drug world grew...

The initial goal of making money to fund his medical treatments was soon forgotten.

The two created a signature blue-tinted drug ...

The success of which catapulted Walt and Jesse to high levels of success among other drug cartels.

And we watched - in both horror and awe - as Walt transformed from a timid high-school teacher to the hardened, and incredibly dangerous, drug lord, Heisenberg.

It was truly horrifying - and a great bit of acting from Cranston.

The finale of the show left us crying for more.


The final few episodes were dramatic, to say the least.

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But it wouldn't be Breaking Bad without one final bit of showmanship, would it?

Hank and his partner were shot dead in front of Walt and, knowing that his days were numbered, Walt took out all of his remaining enemies in one go with a triggered machine gun.


The final episode ended with Walt collapsing to the floor of the lab after finally been tracked down and shot by the police.

But did he die? Or was he arrested and forced to spend the rest of his days behind bars? Annoyingly, the scene cut before we could find out.

There was a lot to love about the show.

But there's one scene fans of Breaking Bad unanimously agree is one of the greatest.

Remember Gus Fring?

The chicken shop owner and massive mob boss was one of the show's most terrifying villains.

Season 4 of the show mostly revolved around his clash with Walter White.

And the sense of impending doom was palpable.

But in episode 13, everything came to a head.

When Gus visited Hector Salamanca (with the ultimate aim of poisoning him), it becomes apparent Salamanca is armed himself - with a giant pipe bomb.

The bomb explodes, killing Salamanca instantly.

And initially, we think it's all for nothing, as Gus appears to calmly walk out of the room.

But then he turns.

And we see that one side of his head has been entirely destroyed in the blast.

Fring then drops to the floor, dead.

Meaning White got away with his crimes once more...

We can't believe the scene first aired ten years ago.

Time truly does fly.

We still miss you, Breaking Bad!

But not you, Gus.

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