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A guy decided to give his sister the ultimate gift after he found out their family couldn't afford one: A handmade prom dress and the final product has gone viral because it is nothing short of stunning.

Have a look for yourselves...

For those who are lucky enough to have one...

A high school prom is a once in a lifetime experience to celebrate the end of a memorable chapter in one's life.

Prom is a very big deal for any teen...


But especially here in America.

Many meticulously plan their prom, down to every last detail...


The dress, the tux, the hair, the matching ties... It's a magical experience, to say the least.

It's the one thing that everyone in high school looks forward to...

Even if they won't admit it!

But, of course, over the past year proms, have taken a different turn...


With some being canceled completely.

But thankfully for some, they were able to complete this significant rite of passage before the pandemic hit.


One young girl was really looking forward to the occasion until she found out that her family could not afford a prom dress.

Upon seeing his sister's sadness, Maverick Francisco Oyao decided to take matters into his own hands.


He bought some materials and got down to work, stitching together the perfect prom dress for his sister.

And the results were nothing short of breathtaking...


Speaking to Brightside, he said this:


"This was my first day. I was nervous and didn't know where to start. I cut out 9 pieces of blue fabric, decorated them with a satin ribbon, and sewed them all together to make a skirt."

He continued:


"Since there was no space inside the house, we tried the skirt on outside. 50% of the work was done — my sister's dress was almost finished."

He talked about how he came up with the design, saying it had a range of influences.


"I painted an ombré blue bodice to fit in with the color pallet of the lower part of the dress. I would come home from school and work on it. Sometimes I'd get extremely tired, but by imagining the outcome, I got the energy to continue the hard work."

"What I love most about the whole dress is the sleeves," he added.


"And at last — a day I will never forget! I even cried with joy because all those sleepless nights paid off."

And here he is with his sister and the final product.


"I didn't expect to finish it in time. I even doubted if I could do this or not because the concept was different from what I was already doing. I'm happy to see my sister happy."

Here are the rest of the amazing photographs from the prom shoot.



Simply stunning!

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