Woman Kicked Out of Gym Because of Sports Bra | 22 Words

For many women, going to the gym can be very scary. In fact, it can be terrifying... especially for women who fear they'll be judged by others for their shape or size, no matter whether they're bigger or smaller.

Well, a woman recently experienced the gym fear she'd hoped wouldn't happen... she was asked to leave her local gym for wearing a sports bra all while being given a fatphobic comment by one of the employees as she obeyed their demands.

TikTok user, who goes by the handle @shelby.bellz, recently posted a video showing herself crying while talking about her upsetting experience at the gym.


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"The lady at the front desk said that they have a policy that you're not allowed to wear sports bras at the gym, that you can't be showing your belly," the girl said as she sniffled.

"He said it's fine for this time but just so you know for next time."

She then showed that her shirt had the tiniest bit of stomach showing...

"So I was like ok that's fine and went to do my workout," she continued. "Fifteen minutes in on the treadmill and the program coordinator for the gym came up to me and asked me to leave."

She then paused to catch her breath between her tears.

"I was so embarrassed."


But when one TikTok user commented: "I get why you're upset but most gyms have a dress code. Now if other girls are wearing a sports bra and they don't kick them out that's a huge problem," Shelby responded with a follow-up video.

"So there are 2 things that were problematic in how this interaction went down and neither of them has to do with their policy regarding the dress code," she said. "The dress code is what it is, I can't change that."

"Problem 1 is how the lady at the front desk spoke to me. I said 'oh we're not allowed to wear a sports bra?' and she said 'well we can't just have our bellies hanging out,' in a belittling tone. So that already is not ok.

"Problem 2 is that she told me it was ok to go into the gym, that it was ok for this time but for next time just to wear something else. So I went into the gym with my wrist band on that she gave me, saying that it was ok for me to go in this time, and then to have someone come up to me after I've already been there for fifteen minutes walking on the treadmill, while I've got sweat pouring down my face, like??"

And while some people supported the woman with comments such as: "Time to find a new gym!!!", and "The way you were crying in the video shows the amount of hurt you felt that's not okay."

Other people didn't understand how it was actually "problematic."

"So, both problems weren't actually problems? Fantastic update. They did nothing wrong."

And another person told her not to take it too personally.

"Not trying to sound insensitive but this seems like a very normal occurrence. The manager must've disagreed w her allowing it that's why."


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With one person noting that it seems like a "first world" problem.

"For some people, it takes so much courage to go to the gym, that was only my 3rd visit there. My 3rd visit to this gym, and to have this interaction go down when you have barely even been there a week is very demeaning," she said in another updated video.

What are your thoughts?