​"This pandemic is so politicized that people won't listen to experts and only listen to their own confirmation bias," one woman said as per CNN. | 22 Words

Vaccines have been rolled out across the world as quickly as possible in order to deal with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Countries across the globe have also been enforcing strict vaccine mandates for workplaces, sporting events, and entertainment centres, to reduce the risk of the virus' spread.

A recent poll conducted by SSRS has shown that over half of Americans support vaccine mandates for workplaces and sporting events.

As the world was placed into lockdown, scientific researchers were working tremendously hard to find a cure for the deadly Coronavirus, alongside nurses, doctors, and other key workers, who worked tirelessly to ensure they could help as many people suffering as possible.

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But, instead of uniting, the world seemed to divide into 2 groups.

And more recently, the United States has seen a division like no other country across the globe. Some citizens fought against the reality of the coronavirus, spreading conspiracies, and opposing the vaccine, while others just want their country to be safe.

But, quite surprisingly, more American's are supporting the vaccine mandates than those who aren't supporting them according to a recent poll...

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Fifty-one percent of the public said that requiring vaccination proof is an acceptable way to increase the rate at which people get their vaccines, and forty-nine percent said that it is an unacceptable infringement on human rights.

Fifty-four percent of American's say that requiring a vaccine for those who are returning to work is acceptable, fifty-five percent say mandatory vaccines for returning to classrooms is also a good idea.

Fifty-five percent of American's also thought that attending sporting events or concerts also required a vaccination... But fewer people agreed when it came to grocery stores...

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Only forty-one percent supported the requirement of vaccines when it came to entering a grocery store.

And according to CNN the support the public is giving to these mandates has risen since April growing 6 percent in regards to students returning to education, 8 points regarding office workers returning to work, and fifteen points regarding grocery shoppers.

This comes after forty-one percent of the population have said that the pandemic has continued to worsen in America.

"This pandemic is so politicized that people won't listen to experts and only listen to their own confirmation bias," one woman said as per CNN.

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But another person argued that Biden had "politicized" the vaccine since his campaign last year.

And even though people still continue to divide, more people are starting to see the benefits that vaccination mandates will bring to America.

Eighty-four percent of American's also still want people to wear masks...

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So, hopefully, more members of the public are going to unite to help decrease the spread of the coronavirus.

What do you think about the vaccination mandates?