Halsey Just Welcomed First Child and Shared Beautiful Photos | 22 Words

It feels like we've been waiting forever!

Halsey finally welcomed her first child into the world with her partner, Alev Aydin, on July 14th. The singer, whose real name is Ashley Frangipane, shared some gorgeous black-and-white photos from the hospital bed with her new baby, Ender Ridley Aydin.

"Gratitude. For the most 'rare' and euphoric birth. Powered by love," Halsey wrote alongside the stunning photos.

Halsey announced her pregnancy back in January this year with a baby bump surprise photoshoot with photographer Sam Dameshek. "Surprise," Halsey captioned the photos.

The announcement also served as a confirmation post that she was dating Aydin, who works as a screenwriter, as he was tagged right over her stomach.

"Heart so full, I love you, sweetness," Aydin wrote in the comments, per People, to which Halsey replied, "I love you!!!!! And I love this mini human already!"

Aydin also shared Halsey's announcement on his Instagram story, accompanied by two love heart emojis.

"Nobody knew I was dating someone," Halsey told Allure of their love story. "As if people were entitled to an update, like, 'I've met someone, we're going on dates, it's getting serious, they've moved in, we're planning a child, we are having a baby, we had a baby, this is the gender….'"

The "Without Me" singer added: "I signed up to give my whole life away; my loved ones didn't."

However, despite the caption, Halsey confirmed the baby was 100 percent planned by taking to her Instagram stories following the announcement to denounce any rumors that suggested otherwise.

"Why is it ok to speculate and pass judgment about fertility and conception?" she asked in a post from March. "My pregnancy was 100 percent planned, and I tried very hard for this bb. But I would be just as happy even if it were another way."

In the past, Halsey has been very open with her health, struggling with endometriosis, a condition that causes the tissue that normally lines the uterus to grow outside of it. This can lead to infertility in up to half of the women with the diagnosis.

And last year, she opened up about the miscarriage she suffered just before going on tour a few years back. "It's the most inadequate I've ever felt," she told The Guardian. "Here I am achieving this out-of-control life, and I can't do the one thing I'm biologically put on this earth to do. Then I have to go onstage and be this sex symbol of femininity and empowerment? It is demoralizing."

Well now, the twenty-six-year-old has finally welcomed her baby into the world with her loving partner. "Alev and I have been really good friends for four years," she told Allure. "And when the stars aligned, our relationship became romantic and it was pretty evident that he and I were both like, 'Oh, my gosh! You're the person I'm supposed to start a family with.'"

Congratulations, sending all our love and happiness to the new family!