​This CASOFU burrito blanket is surprisingly not a giant flour tortilla... | 22 Words

Here are some of Amazon's most interesting finds today...

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OTOTO Clean Dreams kitchen sponge holder is a quirky dish sponge holder for your kitchen sink.


Once the dishes are all clean you can lay your sponge in its bed, "complete with two pillows for a snug tuck."

It's the perfect kitchen gadget for anyone with a fun sense of humor. However, at $15 we're not sure who's laughing. Regardless, you can get yours here.


With its "unique Native American design," both you and your pet will love the Little Dove pet teepee...


Unfortunately, we can't guarantee your cat won't just use the box it comes in instead.

You can get yours here.


Animal lovers will adore these fun shark bite socks that appear to chomp down on your calves...


Not only are they "breathable, soft, and incredibly comfortable," but they're also perfect for birthdays or stocking fillers.

You can order a pair here.


This CASOFU burrito blanket is surprisingly not a giant flour tortilla...


But instead made out of "incredibly soft and warm fleece." Who knew?

You can order yours here.


​Gone are the days of normal skin-colored bandaids, Accoutrements bacon strip bandages are where it's at. 


And they're exactly what it says on the tin, literally. Just please don't eat them.

You can get a pack of fifteen here.

Or, if you want to take a look at more of Amazon's interesting finds, you can browse their hidden section here.