Holographic Hair Is Going to Be 2021's Next Biggest Trend and We're Already Obsessed | 22 Words

If you're looking to give your life a little dash of color, it may be much easier than you think. So forget about moving states, or dumping your boyfriend, and literally add a bit of color to your life.

Holographic hair is the latest trend sweeping the nation and for good reason too. The results are mesmerizing.

Keep scrolling to see some of the most amazing styles.

Dying our hair is always a pretty big risk...

I mean, don't get me wrong, it's exciting, but there's always that lingering thought that you're about to mess hair up and it's pretty daunting.

But it's worth it in the end.

And this latest trend has got everyone taking the plunge.

Holographic hair.

I've ranked some of the best ones so you can see if you're ready to join the rest of us who want to give our locks a bit of extra color.

15. Blue Toned.

Someone commented on this point saying they didn't think a style like this would be possible. Good news, it is!

14. Sea Blue.

This Russian hairstylist has taken things to a whole new level with this bold take on the holographic trend.

13. Unicorn Strands.

This is absolutely breathtaking.

12. Blend.

If you're not about the pink strands, don't worry, you can blend your own colors to create the perfect holograph for you.

11. Rainbows.

Now look at this amazing style! Wow!

10. Pastels.

If you're not into that whole "bold" look, then this is perfect for you. Pastels work with any length of hair and with any style.

9. Patches.

Maybe you're the type that doesn't want to give up your entire natural hair color up just yet... This one's for you!

8. Blinding.

I wish I was cool enough to pull this look off...

7. Neon Lights.

This is a neon take on the previous hairstyle. Wow.

6. Reflections.

Someone left a comment saying this is so beautiful because of the transition of the color and I wholeheartedly agree.

5. Holographic Cut.

It even works perfectly for short styles.

4. Neon Curls.

Waves or curls are the best option for holographic hair, but straight hair works too.

3. Fade.

One of my personal favorites is this one. It's so simple and effective.

2. Gray Toned.

Having a gray undertone allows the holographic colors to come to life properly. We love it!

1. Slanted Waves.

And the winner has to be this gorgeous look. I'm so in love with this style that I'm considering getting it done. Keep scrolling for more amazing hair styles...