Four-Year-Old's Brutal Honesty in Bathroom Leaves Mortified Mom in Stitches | 22 Words

A mom has gone viral online after sharing some truly brutal comments from her daughter.

One mom has been left feeling pretty mortified.

But luckily for us, she shared her embarrassing story.

Now, let's be honest, we've all had one of those facepalm moments...

But this is definitely one of the most mortifying mistakes we've heard of.

But hey...

At least she has a sense of humor!

Because these comments would embarrass anybody.

Kids - what are they like?

In fact...

Reactions to the brutal honesty came pouring in...

"I gave my daughter a shower with me this morning and that was a mistake," mom Sierra explained.


​"Sometimes I give my kids showers with me to avoid them being by themselves for too long and this morning her sister was sleeping, so she got in the shower with me."

"She doesn't like the water in her face so she stands in the back of the tub and I stand under the water."


"So she said to me: 'How old are you mommy?,' and I said I'm 26."

"And she goes: 'Oh so you're really old...,' and I was like eh I'm 22 years older than you."


"So then she says: 'Well how old do you have to be to have that much hair on your butt??'"

"And before I could say anything else she said: 'That's enough to put in a ponytail.' And then she started brushing my butt cheeks with a hairbrush."


"And now I'm self-conscious because she's seeing hair that I can't see."

Watch the brutal video here.


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