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Themed birthday parties are definitely a thing. This generation of parents ensures that their child's heart is content when celebrating their big day. Oftentimes, parents allow the child to choose the theme of the party. I know I do.

From popular Disney characters to characters from popular television shows, most birthday parties are themed around what the child likes most. We recently celebrated my 4-year-old's big day and she chose Peppa Pig for her theme. She went back and forth between Shimmer and Shine and Peppa but ultimately chose the pig.

My husband and I were totally okay with her choice because it's age-appropriate and because we know that she likes watching Peppa on YouTube. And at the age of 4, she's still learning what is appropriate behavior, appropriate language, and, most importantly, appropriate things to watch at her age.

For a hot second, I found her clicking on YouTube channels that were inappropriate for her 4-year-old mind (and at the time she was 3) to watch, and my mama bear mode immediately kicked in.

Children are very impressionable. They learn from what they are exposed to.

Which is why it's important for parents to always reprimand their child when they say or do something wrong. This is parenting 101.

That's why it's hard for children to automatically know that curse words are bad.

Bad in the sense that only adults should/can say them. Parents have to remember that cursing is normal and hard to avoid, especially in the throes of child rearing. Yet, it's essential that parents quickly correct their child if they do happen to say a bad. After all, if they hear it, they're going to say it.

Maybe you're a parent who tolerates your child's potty mouth?

When little junior enters pre-school or kindergarten, his teacher is not going to be so accepting of that type of language.

You can guarantee that will warrant a phone call to you know who...

To you — the parent. There are societal norms. Not everyone agrees with them, but I think that most of us can agree that children should learn right from wrong. And that includes language, as well as behavior.

We all have different parenting styles. We're allowed to.

But the majority of society knows right from wrong. This doesn't happen magically. This is something that is taught to us as we grow from infant, to child, to adolescent.

A Twitter post recently went viral due to the surprising nature of a 3-year-old's birthday party theme.

Lucia Trujillo Brown is a 3-year-old from Monterey, Mexico. And her mother, like most mothers, allowed Lucia to pick the theme for her party.

Little Lucia chose The Nun for her party theme. The Nun, as in the horror flick.

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Lucia dressed as the movie's main character, in a creepy black nun's dress. Um, everything about this — from her outfit to her makeup — creeps me the eff out. It's all just a little too morbid for me.

This movie is a spin-off of another creep-based movie, The Conjuring 2.

The Nun, according to IMDb, is about "a priest with a haunted past and a novice on the threshold of her final vows who are sent by the Vatican to investigate the death of a young nun in Romania and confront a malevolent force in the form of a demonic nun."

Hmm, definitely not something that my young child would be allowed to watch, but, hey, who am I to judge?

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According to Lucia's mother, her paternal grandmother is the one who allowed the young child to watch the film in the first place.

Lucia's mom told HuffPost that her daughter has watched the film several times since and was never scared.

And just knowing that scares me. Because, I mean, shouldn't a small child be scared of something so scary? I suppose the other side could argue that not everyone scares easily. And so, I digress.

"Brown said Lucia’s grandmother thought the movie would terrify the girl, and asked her throughout the movie if they should turn it off, but Lucia totally dug it."

This little girl is gaining fame for her party's theme.

After the party, her mom posted pics on social media.

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Lucia's cousin saw them and thought they were funny. So, of course, she shared them on Twitter — at which point the post went viral.

Take a look at these and tell me if you are at all disturbed by these images.

All I can think of is the fact that this character is a demonic nun. And that there is no way I would allow my kid to watch this movie.

Maybe I'm a kill-joy, but I try to keep my kids away from anything that has a devilish vibe.

I saw The Exorcist. That child was possessed. And that was based on actual events. So, yeah, we will not be having a family movie night about demonic nuns any time soon.

It's true that grandparents can be rule breakers, this we know.

Kids are often spoiled when they visit grandma and grandpa's house. Spoiled as in being fed too much sugar. But allowing them to watch R-rated, scary a** movies, I think not.

If my mother exposed my child to this movie, I would have been ticked off.

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And I probably would remind her of it any time my child had a nightmare. Because most children who watch something scary usually have nightmares about that scary thing.

This nun also has similarities to someone or something that was in the news not too long ago.

Remember Momo? The creepy character that would pop up in YouTube videos that children were watching? This Momo character would instruct young kids to do bad things.

Our school superintendent even sent out a mass email message to parents. Children were having nightmares about this thing.

C'mon, the nun is just as creepy as this character, don't you think?

3-year-olds can be quite persuasive.

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And stubborn. Often, as adults, we have to tell them, "no" more than one or two times. If they want candy for breakfast every day, do we give in? No. If they want to watch bone-chilling movies, do we let them? No!

A 3-year-old cannot comprehend what exactly this movie is about.

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Most 3-year-olds have short attention spans. This movie obviously kept Lucia’s attention. Maybe she liked the nun's costume? Maybe she is just one tough little girl who doesn't scare easily. But none of that matters.

What matters is that this type of movie is disturbing for an adult to watch. I just watched the trailer and I was spooked.

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How in the world would this be acceptable for a child to watch? Did the grandma not check the movie rating? It's R-rated. Those ratings do mean something.

I might be in the minority here because there are some who think that the whole thing is hilarious.

But I think that, not only is this morally wrong, this can also have a pretty ill effect on little Lucia. I have witnessed this with my own children. I allow them both (ages 7 and 4) to watch Goosebumps, the TV show. There have been times when my youngest has had nightmares, and, usually, it's when she's watched the show just before bed. Goosebumps is rated TV-Y7.

Maybe I am being too uptight. I think that some countries do say that about Americans in general.

This meme made me lol.

Lucia's friends weren't spooked either.

My only question is, were they told not to smile, or were they just really into character?

As previously mentioned, these tweets and photos went viral.

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"And even reached Jordan Peele and, more importantly, Bonnie Aarons, who played the heart-stopping nun, Valak, in the movie."

And Warner Bros. have confirmed a sequel to the movie.

The Nun 2 is sure to be scary af. And maybe it'll be a recurring theme for Lucia's future birthday party?

I don't want to judge this mom. Her parenting style and culture clearly varies from mine.

A popular movie that came out in 2017 was Coco and it was inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday. 'The story follows a 12-year-old boy named Miguel who is accidentally transported to the Land of the Dead, where he seeks the help of his deceased musician great-great-grandfather to return him to his family among the living and to reverse his family’s ban on music," according to Wikipedia.

Both of my girls loved the movie.

While it is rated PG, this movie is about death and the after-life. And, of course, raised questions in my girls.

This movie also had amazing music; interesting, but not scary, characters; and was bright in color.

So while it touched on the subject of death — the creep factor was never present. And it is not a horror movie. I think this is an important point.

To each his own. But I still think that children, especially young children, should not be exposed to movies or anything on TV that is not suitable for their young minds.

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And yes, The Nun is just a movie. But movies leave an impression on us. At least in my experience, they do.