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Even though watching them is hardly a pleasant experience, there's something about horror movies that we all just love. The adrenaline rush many of us get from the sheer force of being scared makes horror the most exhilarating movie genre there is. But there's nothing more frustrating than getting yourself all prepared for a true fear-fest and then ending up disappointed.

Well, one horror expert has spoken out to prevent this nightmare scenario. A woman who claims to have seen over 1,000 horror movies has spoken out on which ones are actually scary. Get ready to get scared, horror fans!

TikTok user @madyplaysgames shared a trio of videos including her highlights from the entire horror movie genre. So what are some of her favorites?

She first recommends the 1998 Japanese movie Ringu, which went on to inspire The Ring and terrified the whole world when it was released. Another movie which "scared the absolute crap" out of her was the Spanish supernatural horror movie from 2007, The Orphanage. She goes on to call the 2015 found-footage film Hell House LCC, "really underrated," and the Spanish movie REC "superior."

She also dishes out praise for the iconic horror movie The Blair Witch Project. "I don't care what anyone says, this is always going to be the scariest movie I've ever seen. I grew up when people were made to feel like this was a real documentary and it sticks with you."

The TikTok was so popular Mady posted some follow-ups, too. In her second vid, she recommends the 2008 movie The Strangers, which scared her "to the core," and Midnight Meat Train, which she called "a real hidden gem." She also praises horror classic 28 Days Later, and promises A Tale of Two Sisters will give you "that heavy in the chest feeling."

However, not everybody is too impressed by her recommendations. "I'm a big horror fan. Didn't find any of her choices scary but it's definitely subjective. The only films I ever found genuinely creepy were the original Amityville Horror, the Entity, and the French version of Martyrs but again, people may disagree with that," wrote one Facebook commenter.

Another agreed, writing: "I have to say I watched all of the named ones and didn't get the slightest bit scared or even disturbed by them. The only film I've ever been slightly disturbed by was Silent Hill. And that wasn't scary just a bit disturbing. Horror just isn't scary to me, I'm a massive horror fan but I'm yet to find one that terrifies me." And one fellow horror fanatic added this simple diss, "Over 1,000? Those are rookie numbers."

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What do you think of the list? And, more importantly, which horror movie scared you the most?