​"No more messy ketchup and mustard on your lips," she wrote on the caption of her TikTok. | 22 Words

Hot Dogs. Who doesn't love them? Whether it's a quick dinner or a treat at the carnival during bonfire season.

And even though they're messy, we deal with the frustration of getting mustard and ketchup around our lips...

But what if we told you that you've been eating hot dogs wrong all this time?


​Yep, that's right. At our grown age, we're only just finding out how to eat hot dogs without any mess... A bit embarrassing, but it's okay!

TikToker, SheenaMarieq, did us all a favor and explained the genius way to eat a hot dog without any mess...

@sheenamarieq no more messy ketchup and mustard on your lips 😂 #lifehacks ♬ Ultimate life hacks - Kelly - The Life Bath

And let's just say, we appreciated her input!

With 126.8k likes, and over 1770 comments, the video was a hit for everyone.

"No more messy ketchup and mustard on your lips," she wrote on the caption of her TikTok.


And as Sheena recorded herself squeezing ketchup and mustard onto the hot dog sausage, we're thinking, that's the exact way everyone does it, how have we been doing it so wrong? But then... Boom! Our minds are blown within seconds...

She suddenly grabs the sausage and turns it around, with the condiments facing downwards into the bread! Um, gennius or what?

And fans were loving it...


"Where have you been all my life?" one TikToker cried out while another said: "I do this every time I have hotdogs!"

But some weren't all that impressed...


1 person asked her: "Who puts ketchup on after 8 years of age?" while others chimed in and said to just put the condiments on before the sausage.

But then another person wrote sarcastically: "Put it in the bun first. I mean yeah but what if they've bought it??? They ain't gonna wait for you to add sauce and then they slap the sausage on."

So, now you can enjoy a mess-free hot dog. Pass the message on!