No One Can Work Out How Many Watermelons in Viral Photo | 22 Words

A photo of watermelons has gone viral as no one can work out how many there are in the picture... but can you get it right?

The picture shows 4 watermelon halves and 4 watermelons that are missing 1 quarter. It sounds like simple maths using addition and subtraction, right?

You simply add all the watermelon pieces together until all the watermelons are whole again. Well, it appears that it is not as easy as we think as the internet can't decide on the answer.

Take a look a the picture and see how many watermelons you can see:

The picture was tweeted by Twitter user, roachkilla1, who wrote: "Ok lol... u guys ready for a other brain teaser ? HOW MANY WATERMELONS ARE IN THIS PIC?"

After tweeting the image, the Twitter user received a whole host of responses all of which appeared to be different.

"6... ! pieces from every watermelon of 4 corners have been eaten by @roachkilla1 sir!" one person responded.

"5, if you want them to be whole watermelons," another person guessed.

While others guessed lower: "4, sir. Each of the small pieces belongs to every chopped watermelon."

One person even took the curtesy to show their working out as they tweeted: "½ + ½ + ½ + ½ + ¾ + ¾ + ¾ + ¾ = 5"

Answered generally ranged from 3 to 5 and some people even guessed twelve!

So do you have your answer? Because thankfully, all of the confusion has been cleared up and at long last we have an answer... The answer is 5! The picture makes 5 whole watermelons.

Despite what you may think, once the pieces have been added together it makes 5 whole watermelons.

Did you mange to work it out? Or did you find working out the answer as hard as the rest of us?