Moms Need This Book on How Not Hate Your Husband After Kids | 22 Words

Sometimes moms get a little bit overwhelmed, and they have the right to be because it's a pretty tough gig. But sometimes, their frustrations can seep into other aspects of their lives and it always ends up being directed at their husbands, doesn't it? Well, Amazon has a book on how to not hate your spouse after having kids to try and help combat that problem. This one is for those of you that suddenly find yourself using your other half as a dartboard... Check it out.

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This book on Amazon dives into an account of a woman who tries to save her marriage after giving birth to her child...


Buckle up because you're in for one hell of a ride.

And with 4 different formats, there's definitely a version out there that suits you.


You can either purchase it via Kindle, audiobook, hardcover, or even paperback, and most options are under $20!

With a 5-star rating and over 1,000 reviews, here's what people are saying about it...


"This book is full of little gems of advice and insight. From division of labor in the home, raising the kids, organization, money, to sex. I found many of the author's stories relatable and humorous. I think the book, at best, gave me useful strategies I can implement in my own life, and at least, gave me validation that I'm not alone in these struggles. That other good men, good husbands out there still bring these frustrations to their marriages," one woman exclaimed.

And another woman opened up about her struggle before she read the book too...


‚Äč"If this book had a different title, I wouldn't have to hide it from my partner. Of course, it's catchy, and many parents can relate. It is heteronormative, as she admits. The actual stories and expert advice in the book are extremely useful, accessible, and readable. I highly recommend this book. I don't hate my husband, but the stress of coparenting is real and it does change the relationship. Why not have help? At the very least it helps me feel like I'm not alone," she said.

So, to all you moms out there, you don't have to feel like you are alone! This book will make sure of it...


I know you want to add it to your cart! And if you don't want your husband seeing it, then maybe switch the book cover for another less obvious title... Happy shopping!