Speaking in a press briefing yesterday, Mortvedt said they were not "saying it is Xavior Harrelson at this time." | 22 Words

Human remains have been discovered by a farmer that could match the description of Iowa boy, Xavior Harrelson who has been missing since May.

The human remains were discovered by a farmer working in a field a few miles outside of Montezuma, where Xavior Harrelson lived at a trailer park with his mother, KCCI-TV reported.

Alongside the human remains, clothes were found that match the description of what Harrelson was wearing when he was last seen.

The 10-year-old disappeared on May 27th, just days before his eleventh birthday.

He was last seen in the morning of the 27th when he left his home to go on a bike ride, ABC News reports.

Mitch Mortvedt, assistant director of Iowa's Division of Criminal Investigation, said the remains were discovered in a grassy area of a combined field, ABC News reports.

According to Mortvedt, the state medical examiner determined the remains likely to be those of an adolescent.

Speaking in a press briefing yesterday, Mortvedt said they were not "saying it is Xavior Harrelson at this time."

"There's a lot of work yet to be done at the scene here, and as you can imagine, the state medical examiner's office and state anthropologist have a lot of work left ahead of them in the days and weeks, even, to come," he said.

"The clothing that we see on scene, even though it's obviously soiled and stuff, is consistent with what we knew Xavior to last be wearing," Mortvedt added.

As per ABC News, it is suspected that the remains have been in the field for a "significant" amount of time.

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