The whole of the world lit up in anger, with many taking to the streets to protest against the treatment of black citizens. | 22 Words

Last year was one helluva disaster.

Yes admittedly it wasn’t quite as bad as the days of The Black Death, but for the modern era it was rough and the bulk of the world was thrilled to see the end of it.

To celebrate the end of 2020, the world rejoiced with small gatherings and parties. But bizarrely in Rome, following the festivities, hundreds of birds were found dead on the streets.

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2020 is finally over.

But while millions celebrated across the globe, hundreds of birds were found dead in Rome. But first let’s remind ourselves of why we needed to celebrate the end of 2020.

Last year was so darn awful.

First up, January 2020 - A much simpler time for us all... Well, kind of.

Tensions between the United States and Iran reached an all-time peak.

After a US drone strike killed off Army General, Qasem Soleimani, on January 3rd, we were all left fearing for our lives as Iran promised to "make America pay" for their reckless actions. It was rather frightening.

And then came the dreaded Impeachment of Donald Trump.

That whole fiasco lasted a few weeks before it died down the following month.

And on the opposite side of the world, wild bushfires were destroying an entire country.

Thousands of acres of land, as well as millions of animals, were burned in the process.

But while all this was taking place we were unaware of a mysterious disease brewing in China.

But the world went about its day like it wasn't happening.

Now onto February.

The first week of February saw Donald Trump acquitted of all of his alleged crimes but that's as good as news gets... If you can even call that good news.

Because right after that basketball legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter died in a tragic helicopter accident.

The news of the horrific accident sent shockwaves across the world as people mourned all the victims' deaths. As well as the Bryants, 7 others lost their lives.

And finally, the word "coronavirus" started spreading as fast as the actual disease...

But it still remained pretty hush-hush until next month.

Bring on March.

Now here's where things really started kicking off.

The entire world went into mass hysteria because "some guy in China ate a bat."

As economies crashed and thousands of people lost their lives, this month was only a pinprick of what was yet to come for the rest of the year.

By the end of the month, our worst fears were confirmed:

We were in the midst of a global pandemic and it was here to stay.


Even though most of the world was in lockdown, spring breakers continued to rally around on beaches, making them prime hot spots for spreading the disease. Not to mention far-right "activists" took to the streets to demand their freedom. Losers.


Now, if you thought those 4 months prior were anything to go off, then what happened in May should not have come as a shock to you. There was a different kind of political unrest brewing and after the savage murder of Ahmaud Arbery, all hell broke loose and rightfully so.

Then came the death of Breonna Taylor who was shot 8 times while she was asleep.

This was closely followed by the brutal killing of George Floyd, a black man who was killed by a police officer who used his knee to restrain him.

The whole of the world lit up in anger, with many taking to the streets to protest against the treatment of black citizens.

Clashes between protestors and police officers saw multiple deaths across the country. Businesses were destroyed and hell became a place on earth. Racists were exposed, but most of them cried when they were called out. Talks about police reformation started. New training guidelines were in the process of starting and celebrities donated less than 5% of their overall wealth to the cause.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Kim Jong-Un died...

But he didn't really. Next!

Hello, June!

In this level of the terrifying 2020 game we're all stuck in, protests continued, with anger continuing to rage across the world. The United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea, were just a few countries on the list that had seen thousands of people take to the streets to fight against racial inequality.

But with the election only months away, Trump started his trial rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma only to have it hijacked by K-Pop stans.

Along with the notorious hacking faction Annonymous, K-Pop stans booked seats to Trump's rally and then didn't turn up. There were so many empty slots that I bet the president had flashbacks to his inauguration. Yeah, sad times.

Puerto Rico was being hit with multiple earthquakes and locusts were swarming the Middle-East...

But that only got 5 seconds in the headlines because who cares about the rest of the world, right?

Karens and Kens started finally getting called out for their s***.

But they continued being the idiots that they are, refusing to wear masks and calling the police when their lives were being "threatened." Okay, pipe down, Karen.

And then came July.

Firstly Russia was accused of putting bounties on US troops and then the Brits also found records that they were paying extremist groups to kill British troops too. What the f***?

But it doesn't matter because that's Trump's best friend, he'll stand by him until the end.

Oh and I forgot to mention, Trump's other bestie Elon Musk (and NASA) ended up sending 2 lucky guys into space to get away from all the crap happening down here.

On the topic of friends, Kanye West attended his first-ever rally to endorse himself as President...

But he ended up having a major mental health breakdown and admit he was going "to kill his own daughter". After that, he went off, ranting and raving around on Twitter about how his wife must have cheated on him and something about Shia LaBeouf.

August wasn't much better either.

An ammonium nitrate explosion hit Beruit in Lebanon and it completely devastated the city. Reports state that 100 people are dead while another 4,000 have been injured but that number is set to rise as more and more people are discovered amongst the rubble.

And, then in September.

We were given yet even more bad news.

When news emerged that the iconic Times Square new year's celebrations would officially be going virtual.

The news emerged when officials announced major changes to the annual event, saying that while the ball will still drop, the usual packed celebration will be a definite no-go.

As you can probably imagine.

People were delighted to celebrate the end of 2020.

And billions celebrated across the world.

But something very strange happened in Rome on New Years.

Hundreds of birds where found dead on the streets.

In what animal rights activists are calling a massacre.

The exact cause is not known.

Although activists believe fireworks to be the most likely cause.

They believe they died in fear.

The International Organisation for the Protection of Animals said it looked likely that firecrackers and fireworks set off in a leafy neighbourhood that many birds use to roost had been the cause.

More specifically, Loredana Diglio, a spokeswoman for the organisation, said:

It can be that they died from fear. They can fly up together and knock against each other, or hit windows or electric power lines. Let's not forget they can also die of heart attacks.