A Petition Has Been Launched To Change 'Offensive' and 'Outdated' Name of Iconic Ice Cream Brand | 22 Words

A certain ice cream brand has attracted a lot of attention online this week after many have spoken out against its controversial name...

And some think it's a very valid point.

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Now, there's no doubting that we've come a long way.


Here in the States, the LGBTQ+ community is bigger and prouder than ever before.

In Congress, we even have a number of openly-gay and trans congressmen and women...


And, in 2015, the Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage as a legal right across the country.

Simply amazing.

The community is thriving...


So much so, that it is now bigger than ever before.

But sadly, this doesn't mean that hate and bigotry don't exist...


And there are still many ignorant individuals out there who refuse to accept and support the LGBTQ+ community.

But with all this change, there are some being left behind.

And the outdated name of one ice cream brand has attracted a lot of attention online this week.

The ice cream in question?

The Golden Gaytime, of course.

"As a part of the LGBTQIA+ community I believe my sexual identity is owned by me, not a brand and that the outdated meaning no longer applies."

"Isn't it time for this double entendre to end?" the petition reads.

"In 2021, Gay's meaning primarily is related to sexuality. As a Gay man I have needed to fight to be myself, overcoming many things in my life, I am a proud Gay man."

What do you think of this petition?