Woman Warned Her 'Trick' at Self-Checkouts Is Illegal | 22 Words

Self-service checkouts have long been part of the grocery store experience but as more and more companies opt to increase their use, people are looking for ways to prove that they're smarter than a bunch of machines. From cheating the system for a few pennies to a couple of dollars, some people have been using sneaky paying tactics to save themselves some cash at the checkout.

But one woman might have taken things a little too far, landing herself into a bit of trouble...


An anonymous person wrote into Sisters In Law, a News.com.au forum that allows people to put their legal problems to sister lawyers Alison and Jillian Barrett. She wrote in about a little disagreement she had with a friend, but by doing so, she exposed the said friend as a lawbreaker.

Her friend has gotten into the habit of scanning expensive items such as avocados through the till as much cheaper items such as brown onions. Yikes.

The friend believed that as long as she's paying for something, even if it's not actually the price of the item she's buying, she's not actually doing anything wrong. But the woman couldn't help but call the behavior out for what it is: stealing.


The lawyers' advice summed it up pretty perfectly.

"It doesn't matter how your friend tries to justify her behavior, her deceitful conduct in intentionally not paying full price is against the law," they said. "Your friend's technique of using the self-service checkout to pass off more expensive items as cheaper ones cheats the system by underpaying. Her fraudulent behavior is just one of many tricks employed by self-service thieves to avoid payment."

They also added that the "tricks" are costing supermarkets a fortune every year and are bumping the prices of groceries for everyone else as a result.

They warned that "an excuse like getting avocados confused with brown onions is likely not going to cut it" if her friend is eventually caught, and she could be left facing some harsh punishments.

"You have to ask, is saving a few dollars on avocados worth the risk?"


Let me put it plain and simply for you, no, they're not worth the risk. Just be a good citizen pay whatever the price tag says and get on with your day. It's very simple.