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Trying to find a healthy yet satisfying snack can be a really tricky task. But one device that's gone viral on TikTok looks set to change all that. By combining the healthy qualities of a banana with the delicious taste of Nutella, you can enjoy eating a little more clean...

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It straightens and cores your banana, then fills the center with a filling of your choice.


Be it Nutella, peanut butter, jelly, honey, syrup, or anything else your heart desires!

It can make eating fruit that little bit more fun.


And it's also incredibly easy to use and clean.

It's absolutely perfect for back-to-school, too.


"Easy to use - easy to clean- and the kids love it! Great concept! We bought one and gifted one and love it! You won't be disappointed!" one satisfied customer confirms.

"This is one of the coolest gadgets you didn't realize you need. The whole family loves filling a banana with Nutella or peanut butter & honey. It's easy to use and the cleanup isn't bad. I definitely recommend this one!" another adds.


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