American TikToker Trolls Her Italian Boyfriend | 22 Words

If you're Italian or you know an Italian person, you know there is a list of unwritten rules that everyone simply knows and understands.

And if they get broken, you are about to see a real breakdown happen in front of your very eyes.

For example, cappuccinos are only for the mornings, and if you were to have one after lunch you would be an idiota. Pasta is sacred. If you leave the house with wet hair you will get sick, so why even risk it, and if you even put pineapple near a pizza you will anger Italians the world over.

Well, Carlo and Sarah are an Italian and American couple who are currently blowing up on TikTok as American-born Sarah slowly makes her way through these rules... and breaks every single one.

Such as when Sarah snapped the spaghetti in half before putting it into the pan, Carlo looked like he was about to cry…

"You cut the pasta. You know this is illegal in Italy" Carlo pleads with Sarah.

Or when Sarah tried to leave the house with wet hair…

Sarah starts by telling him she's going to just leave her hair wet when they go out when Carlo appears in the doorway saying "You want to go out with this hair?"

He begins to plead with her calmly, saying if she goes out like that she'll get a fever or a head 'itch' we later learn is just him mispronouncing headache. He even gets a little annoyed when she begins to imitate his open hand gestures.

However, he becomes very assertive when she pushes him, "Angel but you can't go out with wet hair"

"Why? We go out, we get a fever, we get a head itch!" He exclaims. It's obvious he just cares, and he cares in a very emphatic manner. He often refers to Sarah as 'Angel' or 'My Love' which is super cute and hilarious when they're peppered inbetween these overdramatic reactions.

It was excessively funny when Sarah asked for a cappuccino after lunch, "Since you're making an espresso, can you make me a cappuccino?" she asks Carlo before he gives us some fantastic hand gestures to enunciate his words - we don't know how Sarah can keep a straight face while she trolls him.

"There are no rules," Sarah replies.

"The rule is the cappuccino is for breakfast," he says.

When she gets the coconut milk out, he seems to almost lose it... "Cappuccino with the coconut milk" he cries out.

"Already cappuccino after lunch is a freakin weird situation. Go to bed."

The funniest had to be when they seemed to be out for dinner and she reveals she's going to ask for pineapple on her pizza.

You see his eyes flick up at the mention of the fruit before he says "Well if you choose to do that, I can't continue to live here," he says severely, scratching his chin.

However, he admitted that he himself has tried pineapple on a pizza "I've tried it, it's good," he admits. "But if somebody knows that you're my fiancé and here you ask for pineapple, I will leave you here."

The couple now has over a million followers on TikTok and is quickly growing a following on their Instagram, so you should definitely check them out if you want to learn all these Italian rules - they're excellent!