'Jackass' Stunt for Shark Week Ends With Bloody Shark Bite | 22 Words

A member of the prankster team Jackass was bitten by a shark recently when the stunt he was performing took a horrible turn.

Sean McInerney, one of the newer members of the Jackass gang, was bitten after attempting to jump over shark-infested waters on a wakeboard.

McInerney, known by the nickname Poopies, landed amongst a group of hungry sharks which ended with him being bitten on the hand.

According to the Daily Mirror, fellow star Steve-O said McInerney's tendons and arteries had to be reattached through surgery. However, despite the horrific circumstances, McInerney remains in good spirits, light-heartedly joking: "I was in their living room, and it was dinnertime."

The stunt came during the Discovery Channel's Shark Week, for which the team of Jackass was filming a special episode.

The shocking video shows the crew immediately raving to get him out of the water, but unfortunately, the sharks had already taken a chunk from his left hand.

The team attached a tourniquet to apply pressure to his injured hand and got medical attention to him as soon as they could. Initially, the crew and cast of Jackass downplayed the injury, but eventually, it was Steve-O who came forward with the truth.

The prankster spoke with YouTuber SteveWillDoIt and explained that Sean's hand had been "mangled" and the injury was a lot worse than it initially looked. Chris Pontius, another star of Jackass, added: "He would be f**king dead if they didn't dive on him as fast as they did.

"Jesus, he got wrecked by a shark! For a Shark Week episode! It's a reminder that yeah, like, we are pushing it pretty hard. And this could happen, of course."

He added: "It's either, like, everything's okay or this happens. And hopefully, it's always everything's okay, everything's okay. But then... you know, this time it's not okay."


Still maintaining the nonchalant attitude towards the accident, Sean said: I definitely got a degree in shark college there. I knew there was a chance I was going to get bit by a shark, but I didn't think it was going to happen."

Fans of the hilariously catastrophic show joked on social media that it is these sort of moments they've come to expect from the stars of Jackass.

One tweeted: "When you hang out with the jackass guys, things like getting bit by a shark should be commonplace."

However, other commenters called for the Jackass team to hang up their stunt belts, claiming their ongoing Shark Week stunts are disrespectful to marine life and are the opposite of what Shark Week should be about.

One wrote: "@Discovery and @discoveryplus, it's time to retire the Jackass boys from #SharkWeek. The stunts they've done on Shark Week consistently show a particular lack of respect for the animals. After one of the guys was attacked this year, it's time to stop."

Another posted: "Big fan of #SharkWeek. Hugely disappointed in Jackass Shark Week--that the show was ever filmed, that Discovery broadcast it. It's the polar opposite of respecting the ocean & marine life. Disgusting clickbait at a time when organizations are trying to advocate conservation."