A Video of Jeff Bezos Being Heckled Has Left People Divided | 22 Words

A video of Jeff Bezos being heckled has emerged and it has left people divided in opinion...

The video was first posted on TikTok by the user @bat_rat_cat but was swiftly removed twice for allegedly violating its policy on bullying. Now reposted on Twitter, the video shows two people sat outside at a restaurant as Bezos walks past to enter his waiting car.

As he passes their table, the person behind the camera shouts over to him: "Hey Jeff, do you feel bad when your Amazon workers die in the warehouse sometimes."

Bezos glances over a the table before looking away as the second person on camera, adds: "Hey Jeff, nice lazy eye. I wish money could fix that!"

Since being reposted to Twitter, the video has attracted more than 2,000 views and many opinions, most of which are very divided.

Some people took to social media to claim that commenting on Bezos' physical appearance is "bullying."

"'Nice lazy eye'...? A lot of people who say we shouldn't judge people based on their appearance seem obsessed with insulting people based on their appearance, outside of the tiny superficial criteria they are focused on," wrote one person.

"It's not polite at all... bullying... especially about physical features is just not right!!" added another.

"Hey that is disgusting of you to say that, it not right to mock someone's disability. Bang out of order and you should retract that comment and apologize to the man. By all means you can mock that way he runs his business but not his disability. Bang out of order," a third added.

While others thought the hecklers in the video were right by their actions.

"Rich getting richer... poor getting poorer! Bravo to the hecklers!! Ha Ha Ha," one person wrote.

"Well done. A wholly appropriate thing to do to a robber baron," another added.

For many years now, Bezos has continued to face scrutiny over his finances and Amazon's working conditions.

What do you think about the comment on Bezos' appearance? Do you think it was justified or out of order?