Jeff Bezos Asks 82-Year-Old Woman To Travel to Space | 22 Words

An eighty-two-year-old woman has been chosen as Jeff Bezos's final passenger to travel into space with him this month.

As we all know, Bezos announced his trip into space earlier last month, where he also revealed he will be accompanied by the winner of a public auction, where one member of the public will be traveling alongside him and his brother.

The trip will demonstrate his hopes of making future space tourism cheaper and more widely available.

The New Shepard rocket is designed to carry up to 6 people on each flight, and this has come as Bezos has officially stepped down as Amazon's chief executive, to allow him to spend more time on his private space company.

The winner of the public auction has been announced as Wally Funk, who will join the brothers onboard the first human flight in one of the multi-billionaire's Blue Origin rockets on July 20th.

Amazingly, Funk was a part of the Mercury 13 Woman in Space Program back in In 1961, but despite completing her training, she never got the opportunity to travel into space.

She will finally be given the chance she always dreamed of, and take the third and final seat on board the Blue Origin rocket when it lifts off into space in less than 3 weeks.

Bezos opened up an auction for the final seat on his spaceship back in June, which received over 6,000 bids from 143 countries!

At this time, we are unsure whether Funk won the auction or Bezos hand-picked her out of the applicants that entered.

Funk announced on a video posted to Bezos' Instagram, that she has been flying planes her whole life, gaining more than 19,000 flying hours. She has also taught over 3,000 people how to fly throughout her career.

I mean, who else would you want on your first flight into space?

"I can't tell people how fabulous I feel to have been picked to go on this trip," Funk said in the video.

She added: "I will love every second of it and can hardly wait."

Bezos first established a launch facility in Texas in 2015, after he founded Blue Origin way back in 2000. He chose the name New Shepherd from the first American to travel into space back in 1961, Alan Shepherd.

Blue Origin has seen a lot of competition from Elon Musk's SpaceX, but despite this, is the first one to make its way into space.

The tip of the rocket is where Bezos, his brother, and Funk will sit during their fully immersive space experience into the cosmos. The capsule will float for 10 minutes in zero gravity while passengers take in the 340,000 feet views above Earth.