Alba Says It’s Impossible to Balance Marriage and Parenting | 22 Words

Jessica Alba has explained how difficult it is to balance marriage and parenting as she struggles to find space in her schedule to fit in some alone time with her husband, Cash Warren.

The forty-year-old actress, who shares 3 children - Honor, thirteen, Haven, 9, and Hayes, 3 - with her husband, has claimed it is hard to find time to go on dates and have alone time with her hubby because they're both so focused on their kids and their forever growing careers.

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As per Female First, he said: "I think that he probably gets the short end of the stick. And it's not even him, I would say it's us. When I'm seeing him and spending time with him and we're really enjoying each other, it's an 'us' thing and it feeds me as well. It's hard. It's impossible."

The couple used to go on weekly date nights until their romantic habits sizzled out due to them prioritizing their children - which lead to them ultimately struggling to find time to spend together.

But upon improving their "communication" with one another, the pair can now talk to each other if they're ever feeling a little bit unhappy about the issue.

She added: "It's all rosy for two and a half years. But then after that, you become roommates. You're just going through the motions. You have the responsibilities; it's a lot of, like, checking the boxes, right?

"We're just not consistent. But being able to communicate when you're unhappy and nipping it right away instead of letting it sort of festering, and then you have animosity and then it explodes - which we've gone through that one!"

The star and her husband are now trying to get back to the date nightlife, finding balance in their busy schedule.

She even spoke out to PEOPLE, saying: "That time is when you really shouldn't talk about the annoying stuff that you talk about during the week anyway. It is the time to sort of getting past that and check-in in a different way. But it's hard. It's really hard.

"It's a life journey, and if you're both every day deciding to do it, it's gonna work out, regardless of the drama, regardless of anything that happens. If you're both like, 'I want to figure this out,' nothing can really break that."

Alba has established herself as a critically aclaimed actress, starring in Fantastic Four, Good Luck Chuck, Valentine's Day, and Little Fockers.

Let's just hope she and her husband finds the balance they need!