Jill Biden's Outfit Prompts Hundreds of Sexist Jokes | 22 Words

Jill Biden caused a Twitter war over the weekend after a photo was released that people felt the need to make sexist comments over...

They quickly sparked a huge Twitter debate...


And some of the comments are brutal...

Dr Biden arrived back in Washington on Thursday night, following a trip to California...


And was pictured wearing a black jacket, black "mini" skirt, black heeled boots, and tights that caused an uproar.

It wasn't long before online critics shared their opinions...


Some called her look "trashy" and "embarrassing," and accused her of being "too old" for the outfit.

"I think Jill B has the holidays confused. She must think it's Halloween. What is she 70? Either way she's much too old for fishnets & stilleto booties," one person wrote.



"Madonna called and wants her trashy look back, Doc," another Twitter user added.


A lot of users compared her to Madonna, with one writing: "Good Lord, she looks like Madonna's grandmother."

One joked that she looked as though she had been shopping at Forever 21...


Writing: "Hey Jill Biden. It's not called Forever61 for a reason. Forever21 needs a cut off date!!"

However, a lot of Twitter users came rushing to her defense...

“I hope Jill Biden is ordering about 30 more pairs of those patterned tights.”
“Listen, if I was Jill Biden's age and looked even 50% as good as Jill Biden does, I wouldn't just wear fishnet tights, I'd wear an entire fishnet bodysuit and enter every room extended leg first and purring "hello, gentlemen" regardless of who was in it.”
“Patterned tights are not the same thing as fishnets. I will not be taking questions.”
“So grown grown women can’t wear patterned tights anymore LMFAO #JillBiden I’m screaming. We have more important things to worry about and that narrative is SEXISM.”
“Dr. Jill Biden's tights were NOT FISHNETS. Also, they were quite cute, and she rocked them.”

“I've two words for anyone making negative comments about FLOTUS Dr Jill Biden wearing a short skirt, patterned tights & boots:

"Melania Trump.

"So STFU."

“Criticizing Jill Biden's tights while saying not a word about Melania Trump's ubiquitous nude photo shoots:

"Conservative hypocrisy at its finest."

“Defending Jill Biden's tights by trashing Melania's nudes ain't it, y'all.

"Let women do what they want with their bodies."

“Get a GRIP, MAGA! Patterned hosiery / tights are NOT fishnets and have never had the “associations” fishnets have. And since all of you seemed to have decided Melania’s days of modeling with no clothes was just fine, you have no business criticizing Dr. Biden’s clothing choices.”
“@umichvoter Jill Biden's fishnet tights.”
“I personally don’t think Jill Biden’s tights were to young for her and she looked beautiful. I love fashion and believe it has no age limit If you love an outfit and want to wear it do it. Shh not my daughter though who like to wear mini shorts.”

Many people blasted her conservative critics...


Comparing the backlash to the outrage over Barack Obama's tan suit in 2014, and sleeveless dresses worn by Michelle Obama.

One person said: "Jill Biden wore patterned tights (not fishnets, BTW) & conservatives lose their minds. Ivanka wears them all the time and they consider her a paragon of style. And let's not even get started on what Melania does - or doesn't wear. This is Jill's tan suit moment."


"Michelle Obama upset them in a sleeveless sheath dress and Barack Obama upset them in a tan suit," another wrote. "So now they upset about Jill Biden and her cute ensemble with her patterned tights and ankle boots. She looked very chic."

Check out the outfit causing all the drama below...

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