Julia Roberts Shares Snap of Husband Moder for Anniversary | 22 Words

Julia Roberts is still absolutely head over heels for her husband Daniel Moder after almost 2 decades of happiness.

"Just getting started!" The academy award winner, fifty-three, wrote on Instagram alongside an adorable snap of her cuddling her hubby, fifty-two, on the beach wishing him a happy nineteenth anniversary.

They met on the set of her and Brad Pitt's 2001 movie, The Mexican, for which Moder was a cinematographer. The couple later married at her ranch in Taos, New Mexico, on the Fourth of July in 2002. They share adorable sixteen-year-old twins, Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus "Finn" Walter, and fourteen-year-old son Henry Daniel.

"Pure happiness is the feeling one has when the people they love are happy," Roberts recently told PEOPLE of what brings her joy. How cute is that?

In another 2017 interview with PEOPLE, Roberts raved about her loving marriage to Moder.

She said: "I mean every day my husband walks in the door it's like a recurring dream," she said. "I'm like, 'Ah, he's back!'" It's all just too cute!

She even opened up to Extra in 2018 about her and Moder's work-life balance. "If we go to work together and go home together, all that work time, when you come home and[say, 'Oh, honey, how was your day?' We did all that in the day and in the car," she said of working together on their 2015 movie The Secret in Their Eyes. "So when we got home we got to put that all away, which was really delightful."

Roberts doesn't post all that much about her fairy tale love life on Instagram, but when she does, its clear just how much she loves Moder:

"18 years #heckyes" she posted a year ago.

The Pretty Woman star enjoys keeping her love and family life private, but when we do see a glimpse into their lives every so often, we love it!

The actress has also recently had her 2nd COVID vaccine, encouraging people to get theirs if they are lucky enough to do so: "Fully….VACCINATED!!! Grateful beyond measure. If you are not vaccinated and have the GOOD FORTUNE to get vaccinated- go, go, go! #weareinthistogether."

Roberts has a lot to be grateful for, doesn't she!