'Karen' Attacked Black Family For Using Community Pool | 22 Words

A white woman who has been dubbed a "Karen" has caused outrage after a video went viral on TikTok showing her trying to prevent a black family from accessing the community pool.

The clip shows mom Heather J Brown arguing with the woman over their right to use the pool, and the video has been viewed almost 5 million times since it was re-posted on TikTok at the start of the week.

Although not a lot is known about why the altercation takes place, what we can see is that the woman is trying to limit Brown's son's access to the pool, as Brown could be heard pointing out that her son was "here yesterday."


Here is the original video!! It was deleted for violations of community guidelines!!! #repost

The footage shows the woman grabbing hold of the boy after he tries to move around the gate, at which point Brown yells: "Don't you put your hands on my son."

She added: "I will call the police and I will have you arrested for putting your hands on a minor."

TikTok users came together in outrage over the video, praising Brown for the way she handled the situation, and many couldn't understand why the woman would restrict their access to the pool.

Brown explained In an update posted to her TikTok account this week, that the original video had been removed from TikTok for "community guidelines violation of minor safety or some bulls**t like that."

She also shared that the woman at the pool had ultimately been charged with misdemeanor assault on a child under twelve.


Update! #fyp

Brown recalled how the woman in question tried to flip the situation when the police arrived, telling them that Brown and her son had attacked her. Brown said that they were "starting to believe her at first based on just the way [they] look," but luckily another woman had filmed the whole encounter.

The woman who filmed the run-in with Brown and "Karen" told her that there had been issues in the Home Owner's Association pool committee with other members of the community casting out children "who aren't white." Alledging that the woman in the video had previously let 2 white children in but told Brown's kids they couldn't enter.

Brown has since shared that the woman has been "spreading lies" about her and her children since the incident, and spoke out saying that even if her children were "the devils themselves," she still wouldn't have the right to lay her hands on them.

Brown took the woman to court on July 30th, however, the court date was pushed back to August 20th after the woman requested a public defender.

Brown has expressed her hopes that the woman will be prosecuted and subsequently "learn a lesson."