Karen Tries Punching Hairdresser, Gets Kicked Out | 22 Words

A woman has recently been branded as a "Karen" online after she was filmed verbally and physically attacking a hairdresser after she refused to let the stylist's assistant touch her hair.

"Robyn, you need to be more trusting," the hairdresser said to her client while she was hesitant and rude towards the assistant in the background.

"I'm not paying her, I'm paying you," Robyn said, to which the stylist politely said: "Nope, but I pay her so she does what I say."

The cool-headed hairdresser then tells Robyn not to talk to her disrespectfully as she continues to argue with her - all while her assistant sits in the background, no doubt feeling a little awkward at this point.

"You can't talk to people like that and think that people are just going to do whatever you say," the hairdresser exclaims. "Seriously Robyn, if you are not going to hear me out and get to the revolution of this, you can leave with half of your color on."

The customer then goes to punch her, resulting in her swiftly being kicked out.

"Robyn, get the f**k out. Do not cause a scene in my business, you just almost went to hit me, and do you know what, it's on camera. That was fu**ing disgusting."

The angry woman then goes on to say: "I'm having a lot of stress in my life" before hastily apologizing without meaning it - all while not realizing that her hairdresser was super serious when she said she'd let her leave with half her product on top of her head.

Robyn then begs the hairdresser over and over again but she refuses to continue with her client's hair dye. "We are going to have to reschedule, I'm sorry but you even had me shaking and I have never had someone do that to me," the stylist professionally said.

She then tells her to think about what she says before she's disrespectful, having no one else to blame but herself for the state of her hair.

"I have a lot of pressure from my daughter!" the rude customer continued.

"I have a lot of pressure on Robyn we all have pressure but let's just end this," the stylist responds.

Since the shocking footage was uploaded online, people have been sharing their opinions on Robyn's disgraceful behavior.

"F**k that. She has obviously been entitled her whole life. Finally, she was stood up to. Don't let her or her problems back," one person wrote.

"Wish I was near this business owner, they'd have me as a customer for life! Kudos for standing up to such disgusting behavior. Kicking out bad customers needs to become the norm," another said.

So, hopefully, this Karen has learned to not be so rude to the woman holding the dye in the future.

What would you have done?