'Karen' Threatens to 'Sock' Women at Carnival in Video | 22 Words

A woman has shared footage of her first-ever encounter with a "Karen" who attacked her and her best friend while they attended a carnival.

For those who have been living under a rock the past couple of years, a "Karen" is the umbrella name given to obnoxious or entitled women who feel they have a right to police other people's behavior.

The unnamed woman featured in the footage seems to fit the criteria of a classic Karen when she decided to kick off the women after taking issue with their outfits. TikToker @rxqueeen revealed the Karen had approached her and said, "can you stop dancing like a wh*re? I have a ten-year-old child here."

@rxqueeen Met my first Karen today 🥲😂 these were hours apart btw lol ##UltaSkinTok ##karen ##karensgoingwild ##karensoftiktok ##ocfair ##wellness
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She uploaded the content onto the app, which shows the Karen having a rant and reeling off a foul-mouthed tirade that you wouldn't expect from a woman who had just been concerned for her child's wellbeing.

She rages at the young women, saying she was about "2 seconds away" from "socking" the women, telling them to "f*****g stop".

"I've got my ten-year-old- with me so f*****g stop. Get out of here."

In a later update, @rxqueeen revealed the Karen had even gone as far as to accuse her of flashing "her man". She opened up about the hurt she felt over the situation, noting that she was not the only one who attended the carnival in revealing clothing.

She believes she was targeted as she was the only Latino woman there, while the majority of the carnival attendees, including the Karen, were white.

The video has nearly 800,000 likes as of writing, with a majority of the comment section supporting her.

"Bro I got so scared when she popped up on my screen! Scary af," one comment said.

"I'd be mad if I looked like her too," another said while another suggested: "put a jump scare warning next time."

Many others speculated about whether the Karen was on drugs: "If they're so worried about their ten-year-old maybe they should stop with the… substances."

"Why do they look like zombies," another asked

Many revealed the identities of the couple but it is yet to be confirmed.