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Browsing the endless pages of can be, in a word, overwhelming. There are so many products that look intriguing, but also look like they could break 30 seconds after you take them out of the box. So how do you filter out the products that are junk to get to the good stuff? Luckily for you, we've got you covered.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

We've written about hundred (and hundreds...) of products over the years, but these are the best of the best. This list contains the 90 most popular products we've ever featured, and trust me on this, they do not disappoint. From nifty gadgets that make your life easier to beauty product with over 10,000 positive reviews, these are the holy grail products that you need to know about.

This Loose Face Powder Is Among the Highest Rated on Amazon

With more than 60,000 4.5-star reviews and a tiny price tag, this face powder is a home run. "It smells amazing! No flashback, and it blends very well!" says reviewer Cici Cway. "This way outperforms the Laura Mercier powder and is 13% of the cost," writes buyer AlexisJulian.


This easy apply nail art will have you wanting to do your nails all the time. The nail powder has simple steps to follow and lasts longer than normal nail polish.

Buyers Love This Anti-Aging Cream With Collagen Complex & Hyaluronic Acid

Support cell renewal, boosting elasticity, and improve skin radiance with this collagen anti-aging cream. It has a non-greasy formula and pure ingredients like hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, citric acid, and vitamin C. Together with collagen, they have a powerful anti-wrinkle effect.

Hair Dye For The Commitmentphobe In All Of Us

If you're a brunette who always wanted to dye your hair, but are a little afraid of the commitment, this wash-out hair dye in fun colors is just what you need to experiment. Unlike many dyes, this one allegedly pops on dark hair — no damaging bleach required.

Moisturize and Encourage Growth With This Castor Oil Eyelash & Eyebrow Serum

You may have heard about the beneficial effects of castor oil on hair growth; the natural fatty acids moisturize and nourish hairs and follicles. This Castor Oil Eyelash & Eyebrow Serum is made with 100% pure, cold-pressed, hexane-free USDA Organic Castor Oil, specially packaged to easily and safely apply to lashes and brows. It's earning hundreds of positive customer reviews, with one satisfied user saying, "I'm already seeing results after a week."

This Hair Dye That's Cruelty-Free And Vibrant

Whenever I feel like spicing up my hair, Arctic Fox is my go-to brand. The formula is vegan as well as cruelty-free, and the colors are incredibly vibrant — plus, it just smells good. I like to use purple on my dark brown hair, but the pinks and greens also look great on blondes.

This Confetti Nail Polish Is So Festive

Hey, you made it another day in the hellscape that is 2020 - good for you! It's time to celebrate the little victories, and this confetti nail polish is a perfectly festive way to do so. The rainbow sprinkles on a creamy white base go with everything and reviewers love how easy it glides on. Sometimes polish with glitter or other adornments can be a pain to take off, but not this one!

Try your hand at nail art with this set of four acrylic nail brush pens

When I was a kid, I would try to paint patterns on my nails using a regular nail polish brush. Needless to say, the results were not impressive. It's hard to get any precision with a regular nail brush, but that's not the case with these sleek acrylic nail brush pens. These bad boys let you create patterns and pops of color in pink, gold, cyan, dark blue and black. They're rated 4.7 stars and come in at just $9.29.

This Eyeshadow Palette Comes With 60 Colors and Has a 4.7-Star Rating on Amazon

Thanks to TikToker @scurtoworld for introducing me to this gorgeous eyeshadow palette with 60 different colors. There are metallics, mattes, glitters, shimmers, satins, and more. They're highly pigmented and blendable.

This Hair Tool That Gives You A Sleek Ponytail

I had one of these Conair Topsy Tail Kits as a kid and get super nostalgic every time I use it as an adult. It makes my hair look polished and "done" with minimal effort on my part, which is basically a miracle considering the amount of time I have to spend on myself every morning. “View

These easy-fan lash extensions will make you eye-battingly beautiful

You know the lashes are good when even professional lash artists are raving about them! That's the case with these fanning volume lash extensions, which come in at just $7.88. Amazon buyers say they're easy to work with, curl beautifully and hold up for weeks.

This Clump-Free Mascara That Truly Stays Clump-Free

Buying expensive mascara is a true waste of money. Regardless of whether you finished the tube, you should throw it away every three months or do to avoid clumping or infected eyelids from bacteria. Yes, your mascara can expire. So, buying a $20+ mascara makes very little financial sense. Luckily, I found a mascara that I truly love that is less than $10, and this is it. No matter how much I layer it on, it stays true to its promise of being clump-free.

Curly Girls, Listen Up! Preserve Your Luscious Curls With This Bed Head Diffuser Hair Dryer

It all started with a TikTok video. One minute I was blowdrying my hair straight; the next, I was deep-diving into Curly Girl territory, complete with co-washing and plopping. I also discovered that my old hairdryer was way too harsh on my waves, so I added this Bed Head Diffuser Hair Dryer to my curly arsenal. Thanks to the large drying surface and removable diffuser attachment, I can control the drying process, resulting in less frizz and a lot more natural shine.

This 12-pack of creamy, colorful lip liners is an amazing value

Talk about a bargain! With this set, you get 12 beautiful, highly pigmented lip liners for just $6.82! And according to buyers, these are smooth, creamy and long-lasting. They're full-length pencils -- much longer than the typical size. They're fine-tipped, and the colors go from dark red to bright red to pink to purplish-berry. You get all this for less than the cost of a single drugstore lip liner.

This Full Coverage Color-Correcting Cream Is an Allure Readers' Choice Award Winner for 2020

This is one powerful little CC cream. It offers full coverage, has SPF 50, and is a chock full of stuff that's good for your skin, like hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, and peptides. TikToker @lauraodegard calls it a game-changer. "I'm obsessed!"

These Nail Wraps That Are Very Easy To Use

There are two reasons why nail wraps are having a moment right now. One, because they come in all colors and designs so you can have a salon-perfect manicure any time for less money. And two, because they don't take any time to dry. This is music to any person's ears who doesn't have the time to wait for their lacquer to dry. They're also perfect for people who aren't great at putting on nail polish, so they're user-friendly too. “View

Bedazzle your 'do with colorful sparkle using these delicate flower hairpins

For less than $8, get 20 of these beautiful flower hair pins in your choice of blue, green, red, purple, silver or gold. They're pretty enough for a formal occasion like a wedding, but could also be styled more casually for an everyday event. Check out the Amazon review photos for some really beautiful applications!

A Set Of Tattoos Better Than Bracelets

Tattoos are typically a big commitment, but this set of metallic temporary tattoos isn't. Wear these instead of jewelry on a night out for some extra sparkle.

Get Curvy, Flirty Lashes & Perfectly Arched Brows With This Eyelash Curler & Tweezer Set

This pretty rose gold eyelash curler comes with five replacement pads and a pair of matching tweezers -- plus a satin pouch to store them in. Reviewer Rin Tin Tin says, "OMG, it's beautiful, sexy & works awesome." And buyer Shelley Mock says, "They are well made and curl my lashes perfectly every time."

Nourish Nails With This Non-Greasy Onsen Cuticle Conditioner Serum

My hands are always dry, dry, dry, which means I'm always shopping for new hand creams and cuticle oils. Although I appreciate the effects of standard cuticle oils, I don't particularly appreciate leaving greasy fingerprints everywhere. That's why I was thrilled to find this Onsen Cuticle Conditioner Serum, a non-greasy formula that moisturizes with rice bran oil, vitamin A, aloe vera, and shea butter. The tube is designed with a non-drip precision tip, making it easy to apply the serum exactly where I need it without any mess or waste.

These Glycolic Acid Pads Are a Shortcut to Brighter, Tighter, More Youthful Skin

Years ago, I splurged on a facial at a spa and asked the esthetician if she would recommend just one product for me. Without hesitating, she handed me a container of glycolic acid pads and told me to swipe my face and neck once a day. I followed her directions, and soon, my skin was clearer, brighter, and fresher looking than it had been in years. This is as easy as skincare gets; even if you don't use any other exfoliant or serums, you'll still get impressive results.

This lightweight makeup bag has two zippered compartments and a built-in mirror

I love a good makeup bag. I always somehow feel more put-together when my products are all organized and neatly displayed. This makeup bag does a great job of that. It's divided into two zippered sections. One has slots for makeup brushes and a couple of pouches, plus a built-in mirror. The other section is a larger open compartment for bottles and compacts. It's small (about 7x4x2 inches) and made of nylon, making it lightweight and easy to carry.

Have fun with shimmer, glitter and matte using this 15-color eyeshadow palette

Take your pick of colors -- blue, green, purple, orange, nude or naked. There's a 15-color palette for each, for only $9.99. There are six matte shadows, four shimmers and three glitters. The highly pigmented shades are buttery smooth and so much fun to play with. Go to town with glamour and have a selfie-party!

Darken and Thicken Brows With This Henna Eyebrow Darkener

Is it just me, or do eyebrows keep getting darker and thicker? Since this beauty trend shows no signs of slowing, it's time to kick it up to the next level with this henna eyebrow darkener. Mix the formula with water, paint on brows, then wipe away after 20 minutes. The result is a beautifully darkened brow (choose from five shades!) that makes the most of even baby-fine hairs.

A Hair Dryer Brush To Cut Down Your Styling Time

This brush blows hot air so that you style while you dry. Um, are you saying that I don't have to use a round brush and blow dryer to get salon-worthy hair? My hair, and my tired arms, thank you, Hair Dryer Brush.

This Buyer-Fave Castor Oil Is Great for Stimulating Growth of Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Did you know castor oil could help stimulate the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows? I didn't! This two-ounce bottle of organic castor oil comes with brushes for use on brows and lashes. It's rated 4.5 stars by almost 35,000 reviewers.

These Color-Change Gel Chapsticks Add Some Pretty to My Day

These color-changing chapsticks are just incredible. They're absolutely gorgeous, change color to adjust to moisture and temperature (all super pretty shades of pink), and come in lovely packaging. I struggle to find cute chapstick that's not drying, but this one is made with cocoa butter, beeswax, and essential oils for an ultra-moisturizing feel.

Look Better on Zoom and in Photos With This Perfect Selfie Finishing Powder

I did an online happy hour with friends recently and made the mistake of sitting near a sunny window to light up my face. The wrinkles. The blemishes. The horror. I immediately did two things: I learned how to turn on the "improve your appearance" filter on the chatting software, and I went to Amazon to order this Perfect Selfie Finishing Powder. It's pure white, which might seem strange, but this magical product creates a blurred, translucent effect that is absolutely mesmerizing to behold. If you only buy one product from this list, this is the one!

DHC Velvet Skin Coat Is Like a Photo Filter You Can Use in Real Life

Designed for the face, neck, and hands, DHC Velvet Skin Coat is a makeup primer that transforms skin appearance. Use alone or under makeup to smooth wrinkles, balance uneven skin tone, and blur imperfections. It's especially useful on the neck or the backs of hands, where regular make-up would look weird. Hundreds of Amazon customers have given it top ratings; one happy user writes, "Not heavy or greasy-feeling--I can't even tell I have it on, except that my skin looks much smoother and stays matte in the Southern humidity. I wear only a light pressed powder over it, no foundation."

This six-pack of hand creams is filled with luxurious natural ingredients

For under $9, you get six travel-size tubes of ultra-nourishing hand cream in a variety of beautiful scents -- cherry blossom, rose, lavender, shea almond, green tea and ocean. Their small size makes them perfect to pop in your purse or tuck away in your office drawer so you always have a tube close at hand. The non-greasy formula is enriched with shea butter, natural aloe and vitamin E to make it extra moisturizing.

A Serum That Helps Thicken Your Mane

If your hair is limp and lacking body, you can't go wrong with this thickening serum. A little goes a long way, and it doubles as a leave-in conditioner if you let your hair air dry. If you choose to use a hair dryer, however, you can get up to three times more volume — and my hair even comes out oh-so soft at the end.

This Liquid Lipstick That Will No Budge For Anything

I don't always wear lipstick, but when I do, the last thing I want to do is constantly be running to a mirror to make sure it's not fading or smudging. I prefer my makeup to be low maintenance, and nothing is more low maintenance than a product that goes on and stays on. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this liquid lipstick from a drug store brand works as good (or even better) than some of the high-end brands.

Treat Lips to This Honest Beauty Tinted Lip Balm

This is just the sort of beauty product I love to buy for myself on Amazon! Priced under $10, this Honest Beauty Tinted Lip Balm is a delight inside and out. It's formulated with vegan, cruelty-free ingredients like avocado, acai, and pomegranate oils to achieve a moisturizing balm that feels fabulous to put on. Choose from seven shades; I'm loving the Plum Drop color.

This Eyeshadow Is The Bomb

Let's relive the early 2000s in makeup form! Seriously, though, the Maybelline New York Eyestudio ColorTattoo Crayon in Crystal Grey is a staple in my makeup stash. I use it as a sort of eyeshadow primer; put this sucker on your eyelids and then frost away with your favorite shimmery eyeshadow for all-day (or all-night!) wear. It actually works better than most professional eyeshadow primers to keep that shadow in place and it has color and shimmer to boot! You can also get it in more subtle colors, like Barely Beige if you want something a little less blingy.

This Eye Gel That Will Give You The Brightest Eyes

I was so delightfully surprised when I found this eye gel. I used to be one of those people who thought eye gel was too expensive, but now I'm a believer. This gel is like a miracle worker. It reduces dark circles, fine lines, puffiness, you name it, just like an expensive formula would, but it's way more wallet-friendly. Now that I'm no longer 22, I've turned to this gel to keep my eyes looking bright.

This Maybelline Falsies Mascara Speaks For Itself

If a picture's worth a thousand words, then I'll just let this before and after pic speak for itself! Maybelline's Falsies Mascara makes it look like you got eyelash extensions with just one coat - the results are dramatic judging by happy reviewers' selfies. It creates so much believable volume instantly. The best part is it costs less than a trip to Starbucks!

This Retinol Moisturizer That Delivers Some Impressive Results

Searching around the internet for a new moisturizer takes me forever. There's so much to think about, from formulas to skin needs, to budgetary restrictions. I had heard of this brand's eye gel (which works wonderfully), but I was curious about this moisturizer as well. As I said, you can get good retinol products at a steal –– including this one. Happy customers are raving about how it has changed their skin for the better.

These Nail Wraps That Give You A Mani In Seconds

Who has time to wait for their nail polish to dry? Certainly not me. And I'm guessing not you either. Until we can lay around until that lacquer hardens, we can always opt for these nail stickers instead. Stick them on, create your own nail design, and top with a quick-drying topcoat. “View

This Liquid Lipstick Lasts Basically Forever

This Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick comes in a jillion colors and lasts just as long as the expensive versions, for a quarter of the price! It goes on smooth, won't leave your lips dry and flaky, and lasts up to 16 hours. The reviewer pics are so gorgeous I can't even. If you're looking for lip color that lasts, meet your match!

Lip Treatment All The Way from Japan

My worldliness extends beyond the stamps in my passport all the way to this Japanese-born lip treatment. It's paraben-, talc- and fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and never tested on animals. I know you're probably asking yourself, "Is that black lip gloss?" The answer is "Yes." This particular shade is a transparent noir with coppery flecks that you can wear alone or on top of other lipsticks. This lip treatment also comes in more traditional shades like coral, red and pink.

This Skin Cream For Basically Everything

Mom knows the importance of a multitasking beauty staple like this Skin Food cream from Weleda. Use it for super dry skin, as a night cream, even as a facial highlighter for a dewy, fresh glow! This stuff's been around forever and for good reason, it really does work! My kids have eczema and super sensitive skin and this is the only cream they let me put on them.

This Is the World's #1 Dry Shampoo, and It Comes in So Many Scents and Colors

Refresh your hair between showers with this bestselling dry shampoo. This one is in the original clean-and-classic scent, but you can choose from a huge array of other options as you scroll the Amazon page. There are even dry shampoo formulas with a slight color in them, giving you twice the freshening effect.

Treat Your Feet With This Cake Walk Triplemint Foot Cream

I researched a bunch of foot creams for sale on Amazon before picking this one to recommend. Cake Walk Triplemint Foot Cream is earning top customer ratings for being "lovely and softening," to borrow the words of one happy user. As thick and rich as butter, the cream is formulated with sweet almond oil, avocado oil, and cocoa butter to moisturize deeply. It also includes three varieties of mint to give it a clean, refreshing scent.

This Freaky-Looking Hand Peel Leaves Your Hands Soft and Honey-Scented

Remember that satisfying feeling of peeling dried Elmer's Glue off your hands in school? This moisturizing hand mask is the same idea, except after you peel it off, it leaves your hands baby soft and smelling like honey. Sometimes, adults do have more fun!

These No-Head Curlers That Create Waves While You Sleep

My hair is stick straight with zero curls whatsoever. And while I love how I look with a bit of texture, I'm also extremely lazy when it comes to styling. These Octocurl Soft No Heat Hair Curlers give me perfectly tousled waves overnight with minimal effort on my part.

Give yourself gorgeous claws with these long stiletto nails for at-home application

I'm not one to have long nails myself, since I type all day and they would constantly get in the way. That said, if I were going to have long nails, I'd love to have these ones. To me, they look sophisticated and bad-ass at once. Just scroll the Amazon user reviews for to-die-for pics of the nails in action. (The picture included here is one of them.)

These Shampoo & Conditioner Bars Are Entirely Plastic-Free

Not only does this shampoo and conditioner bar set actually clean your hair and last for at least 6 months, but the ergonomic design is also easy to hold and use. Plus, they come in zero-plastic packaging and never ship using plastic of any kind.

This Nude Eyeshadow Palette Is A Perfect Alternative

This super affordable Nude eyeshadow palette is a perfect alternative for the much pricier (upwards of $40) Naked eyeshadows that are so popular, according to over 5,000 happy reviewers! It has all the shades you need to create tons of looks, from natural to dramatic. All for under $10!

This Serum Trio That Has Everything You Need For A Perfect Complexion

Stop spending hundreds on serums, I beg of you. There's literally no reason for it, especially since those expensive brands have zero added benefits as the affordable ones. You can get quality, pure serums like Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and even retinol without spending an arm and a leg. Don't know where to start? This trio set has all you need to start incorporating a serum into your routine.

Get Results in Two Minutes Flat With This Rapid Reduction Eye Cream

I always like the idea of eye creams, but I usually feel like I'm slathering my way to no results. That's why this product caught my attention. This Rapid Reduction Eye Cream by Essy Naturals promises to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, eye bags, puffiness, and dark circles in 120 seconds. It's earning great reviews from Amazon customers; here's what one happy user has to say: "Oh my goodness! I absolutely L O V E this product! Instant and noticeable results."

This Soothing Ointment Softens Skin and Stops Itching

This isn’t a sexy item, but I love love love it. Why? It’s pure, moisturizing and heals dry skin any place on your body. My doctor recommended it for a patch of eczema on the delicate skin of my eyelid (ouch!) and I’ve been a devotee ever since.

Play with color and sparkle using this gorgeous eyeshadow palette

From nude pink to soft brown to berry shades, this palette has a beautiful array of color choices. There are 11 velvety mattes, four reflective shimmers, two copper glitters and one satin pearl. Smooth and creamy, these shadows can be yours for under $10!

These delicate silver headbands add just a touch of sparkle to your look

I could see wearing one of these pretty little headbands in an updo at a formal event or popping one on for a simple date night. They're that versatile. One has a delicate flower-and-leaves design with tiny rhinestones. The other has an interlaced silver pattern speckled with darling faux pearls. They look gorgeous in the Amazon reviewer photos, especially on the beautiful bride who wore one in her wedding!

These Mechanical Eyeliner Pencils Come in Bright, Beautiful Colors and Cost Only $3-$6

TikToker @kristinazias says she wants these eyeliner pencils in every color, and I do too! I already own the simple brown and black, but now I've got my sights set on the purple and gypsy blue.

This Eyelash Curler Is Essential

I don't like to wear mascara every day, especially when I'm just around the house or running errands, but I do like my eyes to look open and awake. Using this eyelash curler gives you great results in getting that lift to make eyes appear larger and give your look a little more polish, even if you're not spending lots of time on your makeup routine.

A Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush That Outperforms Its More Expensive Competitors

I only bought into the facial cleansing brush idea in early 2020, but as is usually my luck, the one I bought was discontinued, so replacement brush heads were no longer available for purchase. I found this gem on Amazon and have been so pleased. This sonic facial cleansing brush from Spa Sciences operates on an included charging base and comes in three colors.

This Hair Tool That Gives You The Perfect Waves

My hair is stick straight with zero curls whatsoever. This Bed Head Swerve hair tool is the only product I've found that makes my hair look naturally wavy. I can switch my 'do up between tousled curls and beachy waves with the same device. Plus, the ceramic plates reduce frizz.

Stick It To Acne With These Hydrocolloid Patches

I had serious doubts about these hydrocolloid patches for acne. Like, serious doubts. And, then I saw that the company that manufactures them calls themselves Mighty Patch. A bit presumptuous, no? Except, they're totally mighty, and these patches are the bomb. Pop one on at night, and your pimple will be gone by morning - no messy creams, gels, or potions required.

This Dior Lip Glow Is Gorgeous

I don't wear a lot of makeup, but I do like a little color on my lips. I usually gravitate towards tinted lip balm but a little while back I tried this Dior Lip Glow on and instantly fell in love. It's supposed to react chemically with your lips to create a custom color - I don't know if that really happens, but the rosy "your lips but better" hue is beyond gorgeous.

Soothe Dry Eyes With This Heated Eye Mask

Dry winter air plus central heating plus staring at a screen all day equals dry, irritated eyes! This Heated Eye Mask can help. Filled with flax seeds, the mask provides a moist heat that's wonderfully soothing. Unlike regular compresses that only stay hot a minute or two, the built-in heating element gives three levels of warmth that lasts as long as you need it. Includes a USB charging cord and wall plug for easy use.

Smooth Lines Naturally Overnight With Frownies Facial Patches

This product is simple yet ingenious. Frownies Facial Patches are made of craft paper coated with a corn-based adhesive. Before bed (or anytime you're relaxing), smooth wrinkles by pulling the skin taut, add a drop of water, then press the Frownie into place until it sticks. The idea is that your muscles stay relaxed and skin stays smooth as long as the Frownie is in place. When you remove it, the skin looks fuller, smoother, and younger. Read the Amazon user reviews for tips and testimonials!

These Essential Oils That You'll Need For Your Fancy New Diffuser

Even if you don't decide to grab that diffuser, you can still use this set of essential oils all around your home. Whenever I have trouble falling asleep at night I'll just add a few drops of lavender to my wrists and pillows, and sometimes I'll even put some eucalyptus oil in my homemade cleaning sprays. Each set comes with 20 of the most popular oils, including sweet orange, lemongrass, geranium, and more.

A Water Flosser That Keeps Your Smile Bright

Water flossers are one of the most underrated products out there. They're an awesome way to put the final touches on your brushing session by cleaning out all the hard to reach gunk that a toothbrush can't get to. This water flosser is ultra-affordable and ultra-effective, making it an awesome gift for any of the adults on your list.

NiceDeco Self-Adhesive Tip Nail Stickers

Here's another mixed pack of stickers, but with some different styles and themes than the former. NiceDeco's nail sticker pack contains black-and-white lace designs, colorful nature stickers, and even Halloween-themed art (which, really, is perfect for the time of year!)

Brighten and Whiten Your Smile With Dr. Ginger's Expanding Dental Floss

I didn't expect to include dental floss in a round-up of beauty products, but then I found Dr. Ginger's Expanding Dental Floss, and--wow--I'm hooked! Formulated with a groundbreaking combination of coconut oil and xylitol, this floss reduces acidity, eliminates bacteria, and helps prevent tooth decay. It also tastes great! But the coolest feature is that the floss itself plumps up and expands with every pass between teeth, so those tricky spots get extra clean.


Makeup sponges are a great way to apply makeup and setting powder. What is sometimes tricky is trying to clean these sponges because there always seems to be a little makeup left on the sponge. Now with this bargain find, your makeup sponges will be cleaned like new. I did not know a mini washing machine existed for my makeup sponges.

Soak off that gel nail polish easily at home with these nail polish remover clips

These fingernail and toenail clips sure do look freaky on! But they do the trick, replacing that awkward tinfoil you might otherwise use to soak off gel nail polish at home. Just clip them on your fingers and toes and let soak for about 5-10 minutes. The kit comes with a set for your hands, one for your feet and a bonus tool for scraping nails and pushing cuticles.

Wear This Year's Trendiest Color on Your Hands With This Rose Gold Nail Polish

Rose gold accessories are trending all over, and this nail polish is a fun new way to flash the stylish color around. This polish gets high marks from customers for being beautiful, durable, and oh-so-sparkly.

This Primer That Controls Oily Pores

When my pores are creating too much oil for my makeup to look good, I use this primer before I apply even a drop of foundation. It helps control your skin's oil production, and it's infused with pearl pigments that add dimension underneath your makeup.

This NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Tinted Brow Mascara Gel, $3.49.

Dupe for Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel, $24. When it comes to your makeup, brows have gone from secondary characters to the stars of the show. If your brow game is weak, your whole face will be thrown off. Step it up with this Tinted Brow Mascara by NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP. As a redhead, it's always tough for me to find brow products that will match my unique color. NYX products come in a variety of shades to match every hair color and look completely natural. This stuff tames, shapes, and fills-in in one quick swipe.

This Makeup Brush Set That You'll Want To Keep Out On Your Counter

Got a little spare change? You should absolutely treat yourself to a new set of makeup brushes. Over time, brushes can break down, lose fibers, and generally not work as well, so it's good to just recycle them and opt for a new set. And luckily, you can do that without breaking the bank. This eyeshadow set works beautifully and looks good enough to keep out on your counter 24/7.

Change Your Look With Temporary Hair Color Wax

In 2020 alone, my hair has been red, brown, blonde, pink, rose gold and purple ... and I've still got a few weeks left so watch out! This temporary hair color wax is a fun way to change up your look and then wash it out the next day. The four-pack includes silver, blue, red and purple in a cruelty-free and vegan format. This is a great gift for the one who likes to stand out from the crowd.

This Ultrasonic Humidifier and Essential Oil Diffuser Doubles As Modern Art

This gorgeously modern aromatherapy humidifier has a minimal aesthetic that will instantly elevate your decor while it purifies and scents the air! The optional LED light function has seven soothing color choices and there's an auto-shutoff feature so it's safe to use in kids' rooms, too. I use one all winter and love switching up the oil scents to match my mood - during the day I use peppermint or citrus to energize and overnight it's lavender to relax.

A Mud Mask Made With Real Mud From The Dead Sea

You might as well pamper yourself while you're stuck on the couch, so slather your face with this luxurious face mask. It's made with real, mineral-rich mud from the Dead Sea, and it's a gentle way to help absorb excess oil from your complexion. The added jojoba and calendula oil help moisturize your skin so that it doesn't dry out, plus it can even help reduce the appearance of your pores.

This Aromatherapy Stick Helps You Sleep

I need all the help I can get to fall asleep, so I was psyched to find this Sleep Well aromatherapy stick that you just rub on your wrists for instant relaxation. It's scented with lavender, chamomile and ylang-ylang for a delicious scent that sends me off to dreamland fast. I like not having to take a pill to help me sleep and going the natural route instead.

This Purple Shampoo That Keeps Your Blonde From Getting Brassy

I went from a redhead to a full blonde for a number of years, and one thing I realized very quickly was that blonde takes a lot of maintenance. This is especially true for people who have reddish hair. It turns brassy very quickly after each treatment, so at-home care is a must. While I was golden-haired, I stumbled on this purple shampoo that totally zaps out brassiness leaving hydrated, brightly-toned hair.

This Waterpik Will Give You Good Teeth For Life

Teeth are very important, yes? That's why we need to take care of them the best we can so that they last us a lifetime. This Waterpik will help with dental health since it gets between your teeth to remove food, plaque and debris, keeping gums (and therefore, teeth) happy.

Bio-Oil Is One Of The Most Popular Hydrating Products On The Market

Bio-Oil is an extremely popular brand due to its ability to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. When I saw that they had a dry skin gel, I was immediately intrigued. With a consistency similar to Vaseline, the gel nails it when it comes to hydration. It protects the skin's natural moisture barrier and keeps skin soft without an overpowering scent (which can often be irritating).

This Eyelash Curler Is Eye-Opening

You can have the swankiest mascara on your lashes, but unless you're using this handy eyelash curler, you'll never get the same eye-opening results! This gadget has over 11,000 rave reviews for its ability to make you look wide awake, even before your morning caffeine. It has comfy pads that won't pinch and comes with refills so you'll be able to use this for a very long time to come.

Get three bottles of this high-quality meyer lemon and mandarin hand soap for only $10

This is the kind of soap you can feel good about your family using. It's made with plant extracts and pure essential oils. This meyer lemon and mandarin blend is gentle and nourishing, with no synthetic fragrances. Nearly 5,000 Amazon buyers have rated this soap 4.8 stars. You can get it in other delicious scents, too, including: lavender & coconut, spearmint & lemongrass, apricot & vanilla, and ruby grapefruit. Oh, and the bottles are made of 25% recycled material and are 100% recyclable.

This Matcha Lip Mask That Feels So Soothing

What do I think is fun? A good product that keeps my lips soft and moisturized. This is doubly true in the winter or just those days when I wear heavy lipstick. This matcha lip treatment leaves your lips looking plump, hydrated, and smooth. It works great as a nighttime treatment or just use it on those dry days when your pout needs a little help.

This Aromatherapy Bracelet Smells Amazing

If they're a big fan of essential oils, they're going to love this aromatherapy bracelet. They can use the four included oils or sub in their own blend - they just unscrew the lid, place a few drops on one of the eight cotton pads and pop it in for a delicious, calming scent all day long. The double-wrap watchband design is also super stylish and will look great with any outfit.

Stop Dripping Everywhere -- Get These Hair Drying Scrunchies

You've heard of microfiber hair drying turbans, but how about packing that technology into a humble hair tie? That's the idea behind this two-pack of ultra-soft hair drying scrunchies. The thick white fabric has a delightful spa vibe and is gentle on wet hair. As a sweet bonus, you'll feel good knowing you're supporting a self-financed, woman-owned company based in Los Angeles.

Relaaaaax in a Goat Milk Bubble Bath

I've rediscovered the joy of long, hot baths this winter. After splurging on bath bombs, scented candles, and an inflatable pillow, I lucked upon a new indulgence: Goat Milk Bubble Bath, a luxurious product that soothes my skin and smells fabulous. It's formulated with real goat milk from some really pampered-looking Canadian goats (this company, Caprina, is doing things right!). There are five scents to choose from, and I can personally attest to the shea butter option for leaving my skin silky-soft.

This Shampoo Uses Natural Ingredients to Clarify the Scalp and Make Your Hair Shine

I love the natural ingredients in this shampoo. It uses apple cider vinegar and oats to clean and soothe the scalp, leaving hair with a healthy shine. @phithegoldenskin features it in her TikTok video on affordable shampoos for those with oily hair and scalps.

I Bleached My Hair And It Turned Out Alright Because Of This Purple Hair Mask

You know how they say you should never bleach your hair at home? They are correct — but if you do it anyway like I did, make sure to have this purple hair mask on hand. The purple pigments cancel out the brassy yellows that develop from lightening your hair, and it's completely sulfate- as well as paraben-free.

Get Soft, Hydrated Lips With This Orange Spice Exfoliating Sugar Lip Scrub

Shoutout to TikToker @lauraodegard for turning me on to this delicious lip scrub. It sloughs off dead skin cells and infuses lips with hydration, leaving them soft and supple. And it's made with organic ingredients.

Gorgeous and affordable, NYX is your perfect everyday lipgloss

This gem is called Butter Gloss for a reason: It's buttery smooth. Choose from an array of colors in sheer to medium coverage (my fave is Devil's Food Cake). Silky and decadent, this gloss won't get sticky or feather. Best of all, there are lots of colors to choose from, at prices ranging from just $3-$5.

Been Washing Your Hands a Lot? Rejuvenate With This Moisturizing Hand Treatment

If all the hand-washing and sanitizing has left you with dry hands, you'll love this moisturizing hand treatment. The disposable gloves are filled with collagen-rich ingredients that restore moisture and softness to hands.

A Dry Shampoo That Actually Works

I've tried a lot of dry shampoos, especially because I have bangs. Most of them just leave my hair feeling heavy and still feel greasy, even if it looks "clean." This dry shampoo is my new favorite. It makes my hair actually feel clean, so I feel better about saving water with an occasional less shower. The bottle is interesting but ultimately is easier to control than a spray bottle.

This Smart Cutter Has Its Own Built-In Cutting Board

I'm always looking for shortcuts in the kitchen, so I'm excited to try this new 5-in-1 chopper and cutting board. The ingenious design lets you cut veggies, cheese, and other items right over the pot or serving platter, speeding things up and reducing mess.