Rapper Keith Ape, 27, Says He Has Less Than 6 Months To Live | 22 Words

Keith Ape, a twenty-seven-year-old rapper, has just found out that he has 6 months to live...

And fans have been left feeling both shocked and devastated for the young man.

Now, Keith Ape is a South Korean rapper from Seoul...


Who was born as Dongheon Lee.

Originally going by the stage name, Kid Ash, the rapper rose to fame in 2015 after being noticed at the South by Southwest rap showcase...


His concert at SOB's in 2015 was listed as one of The New York Times top forty picks, "unrestrained mayhem", and "a clear inheritor of Southern rap rowdiness."

He is best known for tracks such as "It G Ma"...

And "U Guessed It."

He's become a prominent figure in the world of rap...


And has fans from all around the world.

​Which is what makes today's news all the more upsetting.

The rapper took to Instagram last week to share some shocking news.

He started by writing:

"Good news for my haters. My DOC said I only got 3 to 6 month left... Nah mean...?" along with a selfie showing him with a drip in his arm while in the hospital.

He went on:

"I'm gonna do the feature without payments if you gave me a little part of the inspiration for my music life or I grew up with someone I lookups DM ME I WANT LEAVE MY NOISES AS MUCH AS I CAN BEFORE I LEAVE THIS PLANET."

Right now, it is currently unknown as to why the rapper only has 6 months left to live...

But we simply can't imagine the turmoil he's going through with this knowledge.

Our thoughts are with Lee during this difficult time.

Stay posted for updates on this developing story.