People in Kentucky Speak Out About Using a Roundabout | 22 Words

Since the chaotic footage of Kentucky residents using a roundabout for the first time went viral, it's all people have been talking about...

And now, the confused drivers themselves have spoken out about the new - and very stressful - addition to their road.


Read on to hear what they had to say about their road's new addition...

Now, we all know that driving doesn't come naturally to some...

And the road can be a pretty chaotic place.

But here in America, driving is usually a breeze...

And that's thanks to our never-ending highways and long, straight roads.

But in Kentucky, things have changed...


Because the state has just welcomed it's first-ever mini roundabout.

Now, roundabouts are somewhat of a rarity here in the United States...

With them being much more common across Europe and in the United Kingdom where roads tend to be a lot more flexible.

So, the arrival of a roundabout in the middle of a junction in Rowan County, Kentucky, came as quite a shock to locals this month...

And many had absolutely no idea how to navigate it!

So much so...


That recent ariel footage of the roundabout has shown drivers descending into utter chaos as they try to make their way around the new - and much more circular - junction.

People have been left both terrified and irritated over the turbulent footage...

And it's clear that locals are not impressed with the new addition to their roads.

In the footage, uploaded to Facebook by Walker Construction, cars can be seen tentatively approaching the roundabout...‚Äč

Facebook / Walker Construction

And, more than often, taking the completely wrong exits or turns.

It's clear that drivers have no idea which exit to take...

Facebook / Walker Construction

And a long row of cars are seen to just follow one another and take the closest exit possible.

Some cars even come to a complete halt at their exits, clearly trying to navigate the alien junction before them.

Facebook / Walker Construction

This roundabout is the first to be installed in north-eastern Kentucky, and it seems like it could be the last, given how it has worked out.

A local called Jason Whisman told news outlet WYKT, "It's going to throw them for a loop. A complete 360. No doubt about it."

Walker Construction has explained that they only shared the video in the hope of educating people how not to use a roundabout...

Facebook / Walker Construction

And in the caption of the video, a list of basic roundabout instructions and rules were displayed for future drivers.

Well, Kentucky residents have finally had their say about the roundabout.

Taking to the comments section under the video, residents expressed their frustrations over the "monstrosity" and how it was a "waste of money."

One commented:

"Why keep fixing things that aren't broken?"

But on the other hand, some are overjoyed to welcome the roundabout.

"Traffic circles, roundabouts, rotaries, or whatever you call them are effectively used all over the U.S and throughout the world. They move more traffic quickly and safely than either stop signs or red lights. At the very least it will slow down drivers who might have otherwise ignored signs or lights," one happy resident commented.

You can check out the video here:

Which we would strongly advise in doing so if you're going to be encountering this roundabout any time soon!