Keyshia Cole's Mom Frankie Dies Aged 61 | 22 Words

Keyshia Cole's mother, Frankie Lons, has sadly died on her birthday after struggling with addiction for several decades.

Cole's brother, Sam, told TMZ that Frankie overdosed at her home in Oakland on Sunday, the same day she was celebrating her birthday when she took drugs while at her party. She had just turned sixty-one.

Sam often checked on Frankie to help her in her battle for sobriety - a battle that Keyshia had captured and shared publicly on her many platforms.

Sam wants the world to remember Frankie as someone who always loved her kids, despite their stormy relationship.

Frankie and Keyshia's birth father, Virgil Hunter, gave Keyshia up for adoption when she was a young girl, and she ended up being raised by family friends.

Later in life, after she became a big name in R&B, she was reunited with her birth parents and started up a relationship with them once again.

Keyshia filmed their family dynamic for her reality TV show, with the main series being Keyshia Cole My New Life. Frankie was often on camera with her daughter, and the duo frequently shared many heart-to-hearts on screen.

Keyshia was also quite vocal on her mother's addiction struggles, keeping up with her mother's progress while in rehab, and documented her success and downfalls all so she could be involved with helping her break out of the vicious cycle she got herself trapped in.

In March of last year, Frankie managed to hit a huge benchmark, staying sober for sixty whole days, and Keyshia was proud to share the incredible news with her IG fans and followers.

People are, of course, devastated by the recent news...

One Facebook user wrote: "Awww man down! She struggled for so many years. I hope she is finally at peace. Prayers to her family as this is tough. Addiction is the devil and will get you in the end if you can't find the strength to overcome it. Rest up, Frankie."

"Frankie was so funny, kept me laughing with her sayings, 'Holla, Man down' and many more. U will b missed Frankie, we will always remember ur humor. Happy heavenly birthday to u." Another wrote.

"I loved her!! Oh no, I was praying she recovered. Drugs are real and if you never had a loved one on it you will never understand. Sorry for your loss Keyshia!!" A third wrote. "Wow I am so sorry for your loss, best memory of Miss Frankie is when she came out with a man down I think that was her but rest well I'm so sorry for the loss." Another responded.

Keyshia is yet to comment on her mother's death.

Rest in Peace, Frankie. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and their family during this difficult time.