We've Been Pronouncing Khloe Kardashian's Name Wrong | 22 Words

Fans have been left completely flabbergasted after finding out the correct pronunciation of Khloe Kardashian's name...

How did we get it so wrong?!

Here's the full story...

Now, Khloe has always been considered to be somewhat of the odd-one-out in the Kardashian clan.


The youngest Kardashian (and the middle sister of the whole Kardashian-Jenner clan) is Khloe, and since the sisters landed on our screens many have pointed out that she doesn't look quite like her siblings.

Some have even speculated about Khloe's parentage... But that's a whole other story.

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Either way, over the years, Khloe has moved away from her more unique look, and has started looking more and more... well, Kardashian-esque.

Because honestly?

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Coming from a family with a bunch of sisters who look like this seems like the perfect recipe to breed insecurity. Put media speculation and social media pressures on top of that, and we can't imagine that things have been too easy for Khloe.

But, over the years, people have noticed something.

It almost seems as though Khloe isn't just trying to perfect her own look - it's like she's trying to emulate the appearances of her sisters, instead.

But the dramatic changes in her appearance have seen her at the center of controversy for a while...

Her weight-loss has been well documented on social media and on KUWTK, but her online promotion of potentially harmful weight loss products didn't go unnoticed by her critics.

She's also had other accusations tossed her way.

Last year, Khloe was accused of having had a rhinoplasty.

However, she denied going under the knife and instead claimed that her new nose shape was a result of cleverly applied make-up.

But it wasn't just the rhinoplasty...

Khloe appears to have gone for a lighter foundation shade, plus went blonde for a while.

On top of this, she always seems to have suspiciously smoothed skin...

And has even developed that signature Kardashian figure.

The size of her lips has also caused a bit of a stir online...

Of course, many of the Kardashian sisters are famous for their enhanced pouts - but none more so than Kylie Jenner, who has even included lips as a part of her cosmetics line's branding.

But it seems as though, these days, Khloe is giving her little sister a run for her money!

​She's unrecognisable, isn't she?

Many fans claim they don't actually have a problem with the cosmetic work...

More so the lies some claim the social media star tells surrounding her cosmetic enhancements, trying to pass them off as just simple lifestyle changes.

And predictably, Khloe's Instagram gets a lot of attention because of this.

Just like her sisters, she's well-known for favoring a selfie and a glamorous photoshoot, but some of the images she's been posting recently have garnered some less-than-favorable comments.

She's constantly being accused of photoshopping and tweaking her snaps...

Which, we must say, is very obvious in some.

But this week, fans are freaking out over something else entirely...

And that's her name.

Apparently, we've been pronouncing it wrong this entire time.

During Monday's episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, talk-show host, Andy Cohen, revealed the proper way to pronounce Khloe's name.​

Cohen was discussing his experience of interviewing Khloe from her Hidden Hills home, saying:


"You got to through all these gates. I had to get a COVID test before I got there. And I said, 'Oh you wanna give me the results of the COVID test?' They go, 'Go to Khloe's and if the second gate opens, you're negative. And the gate open and I was like, 'Alright, I don't have COVID. I'm good.'"

And, once he got into the Kardashian fortress, Cohen revealed what the family is really like.


"They were amazing," he recalled. "The lighting setup is very intense. They looked so beautiful. And they're all kind of casually hanging out on these swings behind Khloe's house. It was wild."

But he then dropped the bombshell that Khloe's name has been pronounced incorrectly for years.


"It's Klo-ay. Khloé is the name," he explained to host Jimmy Fallon.


"There is a little accent over the name. And so, I went and interviewed the Kardashians at Khloé's house. I walked in, I go, 'Khloé?' and the other women go, 'Excuse me?' And Kris [Jenner] said, 'Yeah, that's actually really how it's pronounced.'"

Mind. Blown.

You can watch the full interview above.