Khloe Kardashian Fans Notice She Appears to Have Six Toes | 22 Words

Dissertations could be written on Khloe Kardashian's relationship with her own appearance. Over the years, she's undergone a dramatic transformation, changing from the "odd one out" amongst her glamorous sisters to perhaps the most preened and polished of the bunch.

But alongside her real-life transformation, Khloe is also partial to a little bit of online image-tweaking. Her usage of filters and photoshop over the past years have been subject to plenty of scrutinies. And it's true, she's no stranger to an Instagram blunder ...

Remember this infamous picture of Khloe dressed as Diana Ross? Well, it attracted attention for all the wrong reasons. Namely, take a closer look at Khloe's hands. One commenter said, "Please take a close look at both her hands and tell me I'm not the only one that sees the bad photoshopping," while another commented, "Fourteen fingers?"

Or how about this picture? All looks well at first - but if you check out Khloe's left thumb, it appears to be split in two. Creepy!

And who could forget this image? Not only did it attract attention for looking basically nothing like Khloe, but people were also quick to point out her necklace charm appeared to be mysteriously missing a chain. D'oh!

But it seems Khloe's latest Instagram blunder might just be her worst yet. This week, she posted an image teasing the latest launch from her Good American swimwear line. In it, she poses in a pink bikini, stretching her legs forwards towards the camera, with the caption, "Teasing you until Thursday."

But take a closer look at Khloe's feet. Fans sure did - and were quick to notice something freaky going on. "Those feet don't look right," commented one eagle-eyed fan. "Did you lose your pinky Toe? or did you use more filters lmfaooooo girl come on!!!" added a second. "Do her legs look extra long to you??" questioned a third.

Others pointed out the feet were dead giveaways of the fact Khloe relies on photo editing softer. "Dude the distortion on the feet shows you edit your pics," wrote one. And it seems fans have really had enough of Khloe's use of these filters and editing effects. "Airbrushed! Show your real self," begged another fan.

Although it seems not everyone is bothered about the dodgy foot editing. The picture has over 2 million likes, at the time of writing, and alongside the foot criticism, there are many comments praising the image and Khloe's appearance in general. "Tease me please," sister Kourtney writes. "GORGEOUS!!!!!" echoes mom Kris Jenner.

What do you think of the photo editing blunder? Do you think celebrities should try to refrain from editing their social media photos? Or is it all a bit of light-hearted fun?