Rich Kid Says He Resents His Parents for Giving Him $100,000 | 22 Words

A rich guy on L*D recently came to a moment of enlightenment and tweeted a massive thirty-five-page thread about it and it did not go down well.

Quaochu Yuan, AKA the appropriately-named 'Magnificent Adult Baby' on Twitter, says he took a 'medium dose of a**d' a few days earlier, and wrote for twelve straight hours when he found himself moving between his sober self and his psychedelic self.

He said: "A few days ago I took a medium dose of acid and wrote for several hours straight and admitted some things to myself, mostly about money. Let's start here: the last august my mom gave me $100,000 for my birthday. I resented her for this and also suppressed the resentment."

"I learned that my feelings about money are intimately tied to my feelings about my parents. I went on to successfully avoid the topic again for several weeks. Then I had to move out of my group house," he wrote.

Explaining that the person on a**d 'told him' things he needed to hear, he said: "You've been feeling social pressure to pretend like you have financial health that is entirely about your savings and your income, and it's just not true at all. The truth is that if you run out of money your parents would send you more because they love you."

Continuing on: "The truth is that your finances aren't separate from your parents' finances and they never have been. You resent your mom for sending you $100,000 because she forcefully reminded you of this fact."

"You feel like you were told by society that the way making a living works is that you do labor and are paid a fair wage for your labor and that's how you earn the right to exist and be a member of society. you feel guilty because you've never done this."

He finished off by saying that: "When I explain my current life circumstances to myself in a matter-of-fact way it does not look good. I literally have no job, no gf, no friends (in the sense of people I interact with IRL regularly), no community, no mission, no purpose, no team, no religion."

Then boasting that, even though his life seems pretty lonely, he has "8k followers."

Although some people weren't supportive of his honesty, noting that: "We are witnessing critical levels of first world problems here," others said: "Thanks for being honest about your means and safety net. More people should."

Another person said: "The more I think about this thread the angrier I get. It's really a whole essay to make himself feel better about living off his rich parents as a grown ass man."

"Wow, that's rough man, I mean I've been homeless since my apartment burnt down last year but I GUESS being handed a hundred thousand dollars could give one a sad too."

Let us know what you think of the thread...