Kim Kardashian Accused of Cultural Appropriation for Wearing 'Sacred' Hindu Earrings | 22 Words

It's safe to say that the Kardashian-Jenners have stirred up their fair share of controversy over the years. Whether it's accusations of blackface or mom-shaming, the siblings never fail to find themselves at the center of backlash. This isn't the first time one of the TV personalities has been bashed for cultural appropriation, but this seems to have irked a lot of people.

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Kim Kardashian has posted a series of photo's and it's annoyed a lot of people...

The 40-year-old mom, reality star, and businesswoman posted the picture thread to her Twitter at the end of May...

The Kardashians are a media force.

They've all starred in one of the most successful realities shows of all time and each of the sisters has a massive influence on social media.

The Kardashian-Jenners are more than just influencers, though.

kendall jenner tea GIF by Bunim/Murray Productions Giphy They're truly impressive entrepreneurs and businesswomen. Whatever you think about them, you can't deny that they've done well for themselves.

Especially coming from pretty humble beginnings.

Sure, they've always had an element of wealth and fame - but back when Keeping Up With The Kardashians started, the sisters certainly weren't the biggest Hollywood success story.

They've come a long way.

And more and more, the family are being respected as major players, particularly in the realms of fashion and beauty.

Although it's certainly no secret that the siblings have stirred up their fair share of controversy over the years.

From cultural appropriation to mom-shaming, the Kardashian-Jenners are never far from the headlines.

But there's one sister who seems to land themselves in hot water more than the others...

The second eldest of the clan, Kim Kardashian.

Kim frequently seems to get on the wrong side of fans.

The star was even accused of blackface in 2019.

The accusations came after this magazine cover was released:

The photoshoot was for 7Hollywood, an “L.A.-based biannual fashion, celebrity, and art magazine distributed worldwide." The shoot was supposedly inspired by Elizabeth Taylor, however, many saw these shots and immediately got the impression that Kim was channeling (or appropriating) black culture instead.

Her skin had been noticeably darkened.

Whether it was spray tan, strange lighting, or overuse of photoshop, it’s not a stretch to say that Kim is unrecognizable.

And we all remember when she braided her hair in cornrows in 2018...


It was truly a controversial decision on her behalf...

But her latest move may be her most controversial yet...

Her latest snap has caused an absolute explosion of hate in her comments.

The social media mogul has been accused of appropriating the Hindu religion.

And fans are once again irked by her choices...

Here are the photos...

At first there's not much to see, but people began to look closer and found something quite shocking...

Kim has made this mistake time and time again...

Let's be honest - how often have we seen accusations of cultural appropriation thrown her way?

It was Kim's earrings which were the main issue...


The symbol on her earrings is the 'om' symbol used within the Hindu religion. It is one of the most important spiritual symbols and is found throughout many ancient Hindu texts, prayers, and ceremonies. The word, pronounced 'aum' is used as the all-encompassing essence of the universe.

The symbol became more popularized in the US from the widespread interest in yoga in the early 2000's.

Getty Images

According to the Hindu American Foundation, the Om symbol is made up of a combination of curves, a crescent and a dot, each of which signifies a particular state of reality such as the unconscious state or enlightenment.

Kim has been accused of taking the symbol and simply using it as an accessory.

She does not appear to have publicly responded to the backlash, but her decision to keep the photos live indicate she stands by her choice to feature the 'Om' symbol in her photos.

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