Mom Left Angry After Kindergarten Renames Father's Day | 22 Words

A mom was recently left feeling very angry after her daughter's kindergarten renamed Father's Day.

Karla Gardner, from London, was furious when her daughter returned home from kindergarten with a card reading "Special's Day."

As apposed to "Father's Day," which was celebrated in the U.K on June 20th.

Gardner accused the kindergarten of teaching children like her daughter, Daisy, that "men don't matter."


She also claims they were "belittling" the men present in children's lives.

In a post on Facebook that has since been removed, Karla explained, "When I picked her up in the afternoon, I had no idea they were doing Father's Day cards, she just came out with it."


"When I looked at it and it said 'Happy Special's Day', it angered me. I was told [by the nursery] that it was not fair for children without dads to make Father's Day cards.

"Last year she did a Father's Day card, what's new this year?"

Explaining that she received a Mothers Day card, Karla said: "As a 3-year-old, I might think 'why is it wrong to have a dad in my life? Why's it not being recognised?' You're belittling the man. He's doing just as much of a job as the woman does."


"I did a bit of research on where Mother's Day and Father's Day originated from. Mother's Day was invented in 1917 by a women's group to promote women's rights, while Father's Day was invented in 1910 to recognize a man who raised his 5 children as a single father. I come from a family where I'm fortunate to have my mum and dad. My siblings are all still married.

"Not all children don't have their dad. Some of those children whose dad doesn't live with them, still have a relationship with them. I know people who make Father's Day cards and give them to their granddad or uncle. This is just shutting them out."

However, despite Karla's anger about the card, it seems her partner, Ed Odametey, is a little more relaxed.

As per LadBible, Karla explained, "Ed's seen the card and he's relaxed. He said 'it's cool with me because mother's do more.' I had a debate with him arguing his case. He said 'she's made me a picture and that's good enough'."

Would you be angry if your child's kindergarten did the same?