Kylie and Scott look over the moon about their now growing family. | 22 Words

Kylie Jenner has just officially announced that she's expecting her second child with Travis Scott, and she's even treated us all to a video documenting the first few stages of her pregnancy.

Have a look for yourselves...

Kylie posted this adorable video on social media on Tuesday...

The video shows her going to the doctor with her daughter, Stormi, to get an ultrasound after she found out the happy news. She even shows us how her mom, Kris Jenner, took the news. Of course, she was elated.

In the video, Kris Jenner is passed Kylie's ultrasound photos by little Stormi, looking at Kylie in excitement and shock, later becoming emotional and saying: "We're having a baby."

So cute!

But that's not all...

In Kylie's footage, she also includes an intimate candlelit birthday dinner with her friends and family, as well as a sonogram where Kylie and Stormi see the baby's heartbeat. And the self-made billionaire also posted videos of herself in the footage, posing with her little baby bump.

The video has blown up too with over 66.1 million likes...

And rightly so!

Her fans were over the moon seeing these adorable clips... It's a nice change that she's chosen to share these intimate moments with the world rather than keeping things on the down-low like she did with her first pregnancy. So, it's understandable why everyone's so excited this time.

The mom posted a similar video documenting her pregnancy with Stormi, but this wasn't until after the little one was born...

And this video was just too adorable. Labeled "To Our Daughter" the eleven-minute video starts with her own mom holding Kylie in her arms for the very first time. Her friends and family also spoke in the video, leaving adorable messages for Stormi when she's old enough to reflect on her mom's pregnancy.

Throughout the remaining footage, we see Kylie and Scott's relationship flourish before she gives birth to her first child too. The video footage ended with Kylie, in hospital, giving birth, with her family surrounding her. It was truly wholesome.

Kylie and Scott look over the moon about their now growing family.

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We can't wait to meet the new edition to the Jenner/Scott family!