​Bushnell had documented her pregnancy journey with her followers, as it wasn't such an easy ride. | 22 Words

After a long time trying, Lauren Bushnell and Chris Lane shared some beautiful news via Instagram.

Lauren shared this heartwarming post earlier today.

"Dutton Walker Lane born June 8th, 2021. Your dad and I can't get enough of all 9 pounds of you. Now back to baby cuddles and praising Jesus over and over again for this little miracle!!" she gushed.

Her comments were flooded with sweet messages of congratulations.

Bushnell had documented her pregnancy journey with her followers, as it wasn't such an easy ride.

Bushnell has been open about her struggling to conceive. She even wrote an emotional blog post about her fertility journey.

"I couldn't help but compare my situation with those of my friends who it happened very easily for, a lot of the time unplanned," she'd candidly shared. "Mentally, this was a really hard part of the journey. I assumed there was something wrong with me. Chris would see how disappointed and worried I would get, and I could tell he felt really bad. … It took a couple months of [ovulation strips and progesterone tests], but I think [that] really helped. That confirmation calmed my mind, stress, and worry and it allowed me to let go."

But eventually, Bushnell's dreams came true.

Late last year, she shared an emotional announcement with her fans.

​"A dream. Except I'm not dreaming. I'm wide awake. Holding your dad's hand, watching you dance around in my belly. Listening to your little heartbeat. My new favorite sound. A miracle. New life. Our sweet baby."

And it's clear dad Chris Lane is equally as thrilled.

"Words can't describe the love I feel inside my heart for this little man! Thanks for all the prayers🙏🏻 I will never understand how @laurenlane birthed a 9-pound baby! DUTTON WALKER LANE welcome to the world," he wrote.

Huge congratulations to the couple!