Lee Kiefer Wins USA’s First Ever Individual Foil Medal | 22 Words

Lee Kiefer has made history for the US as she won the first-ever individual medal in the foil fencing category for the country in the Tokyo Olympics.

Yesterday, July 25, saw Kiefer win the third gold medal for the US at the Tokyo Olympics and the third fencing gold in the country's history as she won the first individual foil medal.

Kiefer's medal came after she defeated Inna Deriglazova of the Russian Olympic Committee, 15-13. Deriglazova had arrived at the Olympics ranked as number 1 in the world and the reigning champion, People reports.

Kiefer originally took an early lead, but Deriglazova managed to even up the points to 12-12, until Kiefer was able to win by scoring 3 out of the next 4 points.

After the final point, when Kiefer realised she had won, she ripped off her mask while shouting "Oh my God!''

"What just happened?" she also asked, according to USA Today.

Of course, congratulations for Kiefer, who is a medical student at the University of Kentucky, came pouring in.

Her husband, Gerek Meinhardt, a former Olympic competitor who won the bronze medal for team foil in 2016, took to Twitter to share his congratulations.

Sharing a picture of the pair posing with her gold medal, he wrote: "My wife just made my #Olympics dream complete @leetothekiefer GOLD Words can't describe how bad she wanted this, how hard she worked, or how proud of her I am. Thank you ALL for the incredible words of support. We felt each one of them. @TeamUSA @USAFencing HISTORY!!!"

"One for the history books. @leetothekiefer becomes the first U.S. woman to win Olympic gold in individual foil," Team US also tweeted.

As per ESPN, Kiefer said it was an "incredible feeling" to share the winning moment with her coach and family.

"It's such an incredible feeling that I share with my coach, I share with my husband, with my family, just everyone that's been a part of this," she said. "I wish I could chop it up in little pieces and distributed it to everyone I love.''

Congratulations, Lee Kiefer!