Schools Urged To Give Lessons To Boys How To Respect Women | 22 Words

Schools are being strongly urged to give lessons to boys on how to respect women in the wake of the tragic death of Sarah Everard, a British woman who was recently killed by a man while walking home...

And of course, it's gotten people talking.


Here's the full story...

Now, it's sadly no secret that millions of women all around the world face abuse and sexual harassment every single day...


And the scary thing is that its been normalized by so many different cultures.

​Did you know that in the United Kingdom, ninety-seven percent of young women have been sexually harassed by men at some point in their lives?


A survey released by UN Women UK has found that this percentage of females aged between eighteen - twenty-four have suffered sexual harassment, as women report losing faith in the ability of authorities to effectively deal with the abuse that they receive.

This is not okay...

And although the awareness surrounding domestic abuse and sexual harassment is now more prominent than ever, way too many women find themselves as victims of these horrendous crimes every single day.

The story of Sarah Everard is a tragic example of this.

Sarah, who is from London, went missing on March 3rd after walking home at night from a friend's house. Her body was found dumped in woodland a week later.

A serving Metropolitan Police officer has been arrested for her kidnap and murder...


And, quite predictably, people have been reeling over the fact that a member of the police force may be involved with this horrific crime - especially due to the fact that the officer is believed to have had no connection with Sarah in the past.

It just goes to show how you really can't trust anyone...

No matter what their profession may be.

Women have been rallying together online to share tips on how to stay safe when walking out in public or the streets alone...

And debates of what it actually takes for women to feel safe have been rife online, with women everywhere still trying to process this injustice.

It shouldn't be like this...​


​And sadly, there are so many men out there who are naive and uneducated over the danger women face on a daily basis.

Well, this is what has spurred along the idea for schools to start implementing lessons to teach boys how to respect women from a young age...


And of course, it's caused quite the divide in opinion.

​Many feel that the idea is ludicrous and that this kind of respect should be taught by parents.


But on the other hand, many others have praised the idea and think it's exactly what we need right now.


Some even called for both boys and girls to be taught these lessons of respect, regardless of the fact that girls are usually the victims.


Kit Malthouse, the U.K's policing minister, has proposed the idea that boys should be taught how to respect women and girls as part of their sex education in school.


According to Metro, he said that all adults had a duty to "pay attention to the way we bring up our kids by being role models and helping boys to understand relationships with women."

Malthouse then told The Times:


"It may be that we need to think about what PSHE (personal, social, health and economic education) includes about, for example, the way people are treated in the street and the way women and girls are contemplated in the public realm."

A Department for Education source said that teachers have the flexibility to teach pupils about abuses such as wolf-whistling.


"We would certainly encourage teachers to take the curriculum and expand and reflect on events and movements in society... That's why the curriculum is built like that so that people do have the flexibility."

Changes needs to happen...


And if that means adding to the sex education curriculum, then so be it.

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