Lost Italian Village Just Emerged After 70 Years Under Water | 22 Words

A lost Italian village has emerged after spending more than seventy years submerged underwater...

But, just how much of it remains?

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After viewing the footage, the story has everyone stunned...

The Italian village of Curon was submerged underwater back in 1950.

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The village was flooded to create a hydroelectric plant known as Lake Resia, a 2.5-square-mile artificial lake.

Lake Resialies sits in South Tyrol, the Alpine region that borders Austria and Switzerland.

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It was once home to hundreds of people, but merged with 2 neighboring lakes, meaning residents had to move away.

Of course, the flooding of the village came with huge opposition from locals and residents at the time...

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But it was to no avail and so, one-hundred and sixty homes were submerged, and Curon's population displaced.

For more than seven decades, the village of Curon has remained under water.

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With only the 14th-century steeple from the bell tower poking out.

Until now, that is...

As the lake has been temporarily drained for repair work, the Thrillist reports.

Locals and tourists in the area are currently able to walk around the remains of the village.

While all homes were washed away in the flood, the Architectural Digest reports some old steps, cellars, and walls still remain.

One Twitter user who has visited the remains described it as a "strange feeling."

They wrote: "Curon as it had never been seen before! For maintenance reasons, the Resia lake has semi-dried and the remains of the ancient village of Curon have resurfaced! A strange feeling walking on the rubble of the houses..."

The lake is a popular tourist and hiking destination, with people coming to see the steeple from afar...

While in winter, seasonal freezing has previously allowed for visitors to venture over to it.

It is not known how long the lake will remain drained.

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