Lotus Biscoff KitKats Now Exist | 22 Words

The last year or so has been a particularly challenging time for everyone across the world.

The global pandemic robbed us of many happy memories. Some missed out on watching their favorite sports teams, others were unable to attend graduations, while some far bigger tragedies befell many.

It's because of the testing times we have had to face that we've become very apt in finding small victories in the littlest of things. From enjoying Saturday Zoom parties with friends and family we've been unable to see, to celebrating the long-anticipated release of a TV show... we've managed to make the mundane into a celebration.

And it ain't stopping here. I invite each and every one of you to put as much joy and elation into everything going forward. When your delivery arrives on time cheer on your courier; when you take that first sip of coffee and it's not too cold, not too hot, jump for joy; and when KitKat and Biscoff come together to bring us the Lotus Biscoff KitKat, fall to your knees and scream to the heavens "THANK YOU MY LORD."

Doesn't that feel great? Of course it does, you've just accepted into your life a treat for the ages!

Now listen, Biscoff has made many a collaboration in the confectionary world - the DJ Khaled of sweet treats, if you will - and you'd be forgiven for rolling your eyes and thinking it's just another so-so product to make money.

Au contraire, mi amigo. Au contraire. This is classic KitKat chocolate, covering a sumptuous crunchy wafer, teaming up with the sublime biscuit spread of Lotus Biscoff. Please, stop salivating.

To be honest, it's more of an experience, than it is a snack. A journey from hunger pangs on a dull, Monday afternoon, all the way through to joy and a lust for life just a few minutes later that same afternoon. (Buy more than one bar to prolong journey).

Of course, having not actually tried one, I can't say that is an official testimony for the product. Though I would like to imagine that if I am to try one (KitKat I can send you my address) that is how it would go. It might even be similar to Peter Griffin riding a dolphin out of a fountain.

The only downside is that it's a "special edition" chocolate bar, which may mean it's here for a limited time only.

If you want a box, you can actually order them online here.

So there we have it. Buy some, enjoy them and then enjoy them again. To quote the late, great Anthony Bourdain: "Your body is not a temple, it's an amusement park. Enjoy the ride." And from that, I think we can all find peace.