Makeup Artist Goes Viral for Accurate Transformations | 22 Words

We all love a good Instagram makeup artist. Sometimes the transformations people can undertake using just carefully applied products truly boggle the mind. But one makeup artist has gone viral for her absolutely incredible celebrity impersonations. You won't believe these pictures are all of the same person...

Meet 23-year-old Evelin Costa. She's a 23-year-old makeup artist from Australia who is showcasing her incredible transformative talents. Not only does she create stunning glam looks, but she also uses special effects to make her face look like the spitting image of certain celebrities.

Check out her Khloe Kardashian! We're seriously impressed.

"I like to post my videos even if I'm not 100% happy with them because I think it'll be great to look back on and retry them once I improve. I also want to encourage others that not everything turns out perfect, and that's okay!" she told Buzzfeed. "I make my videos for entertainment. I don't mind if people think it does or doesn't look like the person I'm trying to re-create; after all, everyone sees people differently, and everyone notices certain features over others when looking at a person."

"I've found something that I love doing — not only the makeup, but I love putting together the videos. It's a bonus that they have been getting a lot of attention, and it encourages me to keep creating."

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People are loving her raw talent. "This amazing. She never said she was morphing into them lets be real here. For a woman with a make-up bag, she is incredibly talented and looks like she's loving her work so fair play to her. Silly to expect the transformations to be exactly like the celeb!" wrote one Facebook fan. Another agreed, adding: "Artist is the keyword and with said she is really good at her craft." "She's really clever with the make-up, I'm hopeless at applying make-up, won't go out without a bit on but only use 3 items, wish I could do it like her," a third echoed.

Are you impressed by Evelin's skill? Which transformation is your favorite?