Man Arrested for Racism to Neighbor Poses Risk to Community | 22 Words

Edward Cagney Mathews recently unleashed a racist diatribe against his neighbor before being hauled away by police just days after the incident. Mathews will now remain in custody as the judge became convinced that he's too dangerous to remain on the streets.

Mathews was arrested days after he was filmed racially harassed his neighbor as well as giving out his address, prompting protestors to show up outside his house... something he wasn't expecting, by the way!

In the video, Mathews repeatedly calls his neighbor a "monkey" and uses the N-word several times: "This monkey over here and this monkey over here," he said as he talked about his neighbor and the man behind the camera.

Days before the protestors showed up at his door, he also faced the camera shouting "Come fu*king see me!" as he revealed his address.

The protestors did, in fact, want to see what "he's really about" and they showed up at his door, rallying around his house until eventually, the cops escorted him away.

He finally appeared in Burlington County Superior Court on Wednesday where the judge ruled Mathews as a "high risk to the community" and ordered him to remain in custody for now.

The judge cited Mathews's criminal history, including twenty prior convictions with one violent conviction, concluding that he should remain in custody.

Prosecutors also pointed to previous allegations that he once smeared feces on a neighbor's car, shot out a window with ammo, and slashed car tires. He really is a danger to the community.

Mathew's legal team did try to get him released under certain conditions but the judge didn't go for it, noting that even though he should remain in custody, they do have 7 days to appeal the decision.

Do you think that the community is safer with him in custody or not? We do, and we think his neighbors feel the same too...