Man Buys House Across the Road From Westboro Baptist Church and Paints It With Pride Flag | 22 Words

It's an amazing stance of opposition against one of the world's most famous hate groups...

Let's start at the beginning, shall we?


What is the Westboro Baptist Church?

Well, while it claims to be a religion, most people accept it as more of a hate group.


And there are few groups out there that haven't been targeted.

The "church" has spoken out against atheists, Jewish people, Muslims, transgender people, and numerous Christian denominations.


But the main target of their ire has always been the gay community.

Their actions against the gay community have been ongoing for the past few decades.


And followers are perhaps best known for their inflammatory protest posters - you know the ones.

These guys.


Yeah, you can see why they're some of the most controversial people out there, right?

Well, today's society really has no place for this sort of closed-mindedness and hatred.


Thankfully, this fringe group seems to be fading in prevalence as the world stops giving them the attention they so desperately crave.

In fact, now the world is more LGBTQ+ friendly than ever before.


(Not that we still don't have an enormous way to go.)

But one epic act of trolling has got the internet talking this week.


In a move that will surely have members of the Westboro Baptist Church's blood boiling.

​Aaron Jackson is the founder of a non-profit organization called Planting Peace.

It's dedicated a whole bunch of worthy environmental and social initiatives.

But it's the support of the LGBTQ+ community that has Jackson in the headlines today.

As he's made an ingenious move in opposition to the Westboro Baptist Church.

​Back in 2012, he'd purchased a house not far from the church's headquarters. 

And decided to have a little fun with it.

Just so you know, the house is basically across the road from the church.

And with what Jackson has done to it, Westboro members will not be able to miss it.

The home has been painted with all the colors of the Pride rainbow.

It's called "Equality House," and we're frankly obsessed.

"The Equality House is a symbol of compassion, peace, and positive change."

"The house, which is painted the colors of the Pride flag, serves as the resource center for all Planting Peace human rights initiatives and stands as a visual reminder of our commitment, as global citizens, to equality for all."

The house was painted by Mike McKessor of Kansas City, Montana.

"I'm a veteran too, and those guys mess with veterans, not just the gay people. They mess with everybody," he told the LA Times.

​"Every neighbor that I encountered was so happy, and everybody was smiling when they go by."

"It was on a busy street, and everybody slowed down and took pictures. I'm not exaggerating."

"Dang near every car stopped and said, 'Good job! Good job!' ... I've never had people so happy for painting a house."

"I've never had people so happy for painting a house."

The house is home to an LGBTQ+ advocacy group.

Which is a massive (and brilliant) swipe at the Westboro Baptist Church.

We love this genius idea.

The world needs more of this sort of activism.

​We just really hope the Westboro Baptist Church doesn't like it.

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