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After spending nearly thirty-two years on death row, an inmate recently cleared of his conviction was treated with the somewhat unusual food he had been craving all those years.

Here's the full story...

In 1989, Crosley Green was arrested and charged with a murder he says he did not commit.

In the early morning hours of April 4th, 1989, Charles "Chip" Flynn had been found shot dead with a single bullet in the chest in a Florida citrus grove.

Earlier that evening, he had been in his truck with an ex-girlfriend, Kim Hallock...

Brevard County Sheriff's Office

Who had called 911, claiming a Black man had robbed and hijacked the couple before shooting Flynn.

Hallock said she escaped the shooter in Flynn's truck...

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And later identified a thirty-two-year-old Crosley Green as the shooter from a photo lineup.

Green was swiftly arrested and charged with Flynn's murder...

Brevard Country Sheriff's Occie

Despite no fingerprint or DNA evidence actually tying him to the crime - shoeprints found at the scene couldn't even be matched to him.

The 2 Brevard County officers who had been first on the crime scene had even expressed their own doubts about the arrest.

4 months on from the murder, Patrol Deputy Mark Rixey and Sergeant Diane Clarke went to Assistant State Attorney Christopher White and told him they thought Hallock was the likely shooter. Rixey later said:

"I told him that I thought she did it."

Hallock's story was inconsistent, both officers told state attorney White.

Things simply didn't add up - Hallock waited to call for help for Flynn, says Clarke, and gave the 911 operator such vague directions for finding Flynn that precious time was lost.

Green's own track record with crime didn't correlate either.

Despite being involved with petty crimes in the past, Green had no history of violent crimes and even had an alibi for the evening Flynn's murder took place.

Yet despite the officers' concerns and the lack of evidence against Green, the trial went ahead anyway.

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And, in September 1990, he was convicted by an all-white jury of Flynn's murder and then sentenced to death.

Since then, however, Green has maintained his innocence and has embarked upon a long and grueling journey to overturn his conviction.


And nearly twenty years later, after lawyers Keith Harrison, Jeanne Thomas, and a team from Crowell & Moring in Washington, D.C. took his case pro bono, Green won one battle and was taken off death row.

But it would take nearly another decade before the same lawyers were able to convince a federal court that Green had been denied a fair trial.


In July 2018, a federal judge overturned Green's conviction and instructed the state of Florida to either retry Green or release him.

But even then, Green remained in prison.

He was kept there when the state of Florida appealed the ruling and the case went to the U.S Court of Appeals.

But 3 years later, after the coronavirus pandemic brought the world to a standstill and Green was diagnosed with latent tuberculosis, the motion to have him released was finally granted.

Aged sixty-three, Green is officially a free man.

Heartwarming footage shows the moment he reunited with his large family as he took his first steps as a free man on April 8th.

He is currently staying at his brother-in-law's, where he remains on house arrest...

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Because, if the U.S. Court of Appeals sides with the state of Florida, he could be sent back to prison. However, Green is optimistic and believes that the decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals will go his way

But perhaps the most exciting part of Green's release?

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Well, it was his first taste of the real world - food.

Of course, spending thirty years behind bars is bound to take a toll on someone's palette...


And most prisoners spend their meal times dreaming of what they would eat out in the real world.

Well, Green was deadset on what food he'd been craving for all these years...


Though it isn't exactly what you'd expect.

People are loving his heartwarming reunion with his favorite food...

On his first full day of freedom, Green's attorneys decided to treat him with the food he had been craving for years...

Strawberry ice cream. He savored every bite, noting: "I've been wanting this strawberry ice cream for so long."

Enjoy your freedom, Crosley.