Man Gives Out Address During Racist Rant | 22 Words

A man unleashed an aggressively fuelled racist diatribe against a Black neighbor and even invited protestors to his front door. But what he didn't expect was for them to make an appearance as large as they did, especially at the moment he was arrested.

Video footage was captured of perpetrator Edward Cagney Mathews in Mount Laurel, NJ on Friday splurging racist and hateful words towards his neighbor. Little did he know that days later, he'd be greeted by protestors in his driveway.

"This monkey over here and this monkey over here both have videotape of you putting your hands on me," Mathews rather racistly claimed in the video.

He repeatedly threw racist slurs at his neighbor, using the n-word, questioning his knowledge of American laws, and calling him a "monkey" on several occasions throughout the shocking video.

Matthews repeatedly invaded his neighbor's personal space, threatening to press charges against him, and then he faced the person behind the camera, revealing his address and saying, "Come fu***** see me!"

Eventually, a community security guard shows up to calm the situation down, but Mathews only makes things worse, demanding that the guard put the "n******" in their place.

It looked like protestors wanted to see "what (he's really) about", rallying around his house, until eventually, the cops had to escort Mathews away in custody.

But fuelled with anger, this was far from a peaceful protest... people were filmed throwing water bottles, garbage, and debris at Mathews and the police as they got into the car...

"Dozens are still out in front of Edward Cagney Mathews home. The police officers are standing in front of his front door," a Tweet by Alex George read.

Another tweet read: "Mt Laurel Police take Cagney Mathews into custody after protestors surrounded his house due to racist comment captured on viral videos. Crowd pelts him and police with objects."

But this isn't the only time Mathews has been accused of harassment against his neighbors of color. According to one woman as per CBS Philly, Mathews kicked down her door and vandalized her vehicle.

Another neighbor said that at least ten others have been continually harassed for the color of their skin.

"He used a BB gun to shoot their windows out, he smeared dog feces over their car," one neighbor claimed.

Once news of continuous harassment was received, Mathews was charged with assault and the decision was made to arrest Mathews. But people on social media are now questioning why the police didn't do anything sooner...

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